MEGATHREAD: Dutch stocks 🇳🇱

I would like to say one thing, Thank You Freetrade.:ok_hand:


Can’t see Universal Music Group (UMG) :cry:


Prosus is a great Tencent proxy for those that want the stock in their ISA.
Great to have Adyen, IMCD on the platform


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Totally disappointed with the EUR stocks. :frowning:

The EUR mid to large caps are for the Pro accounts only. I cannot justify the €10 monthly fee.

Even PostNL is not available for GIA, and it’s a heavy weight at €1.8 billion

Don’t do this! FFS. EU stocks are for Pro accounts and most US stocks are for all accounts . Start doing this and I lose. I’m here because it’s Freetrade - Not pay lots of subscription fees Trade

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I have the plus subscription myself, but I can’t help but somewhat agree.

I find that an overly high amount of the EU stocks are plus only.

I get they need to make money and all that jazz but it appears to be over half of all EU stocks.


There has to be some real benefit to plus to make it worth buying. I think access to foreign markets is a reasonable thing to put into the premium service. It’s not something that is essential for most users but is a significant selling point for Plus


Seems reasonable to me and it increases value for subscribers. I’d happily pay for plus to access a few extra stocks such as Tencent, HelloFresh, Meituan and the Schiehallion Fund.

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Can someone explain why UMG is not available in the Dutch batch?

Not at all .
If FreeTrade just kept on adding stocks, no one wouid even notice.
Well done FreeTrade :+1::+1::+1::clinking_glasses::tada::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


To me it is 100% the right thing for Freetrade to charge for as many stocks as they feel right by Plus. They need to grow and be a decent business and not a charity. Personally I would of gone down the route of UK=Free and others as Plus bar the existing US ones.

Freetrade makes its money from subscriptions and that should be their no.1 priority audience and if people want to “not pay” then they are generally not overly serious traders, at least on this platform, who still have a huge amount of free stocks to buy from.

Everyone wants this that or another thing added and that all costs money which is ultimately gained from people getting on the subscription bus. We can’t have it all for nothing!! :rofl:


A one off purchase of PostNL (which is what I should make because it’s long term) might be cheaper for me using a Keytrade if they compete, or perhaps with degiro. I don’t know about eToro. Why pay for a Pro sub with FT?

degiro :

Hi @soko

Every broker has pros and cons for their offering. Your frustration is well founded as I’m sure you were looking forward to this coming to the app.

Does DEGIRO offer an ISA Account?
Presently, DEGIRO does not offer an ISA account .

You could sign up and cancel your plus subscription after you’ve made you purchase, you wouldn’t be able to do this again for (I believe) 3 months so it’s not something you can do regularly.

Thank-you for explaining this.

I don’t want the hassle of buying shares, and the being restricted with these for three months. It won’t work.

If FT didn’t intend to make money from GIAs then why did they offer these whilst billing FT as a disruptive cheap and commision free platform? Was their real plan to offer GIA as a marketing ploy, and then phase these out and then turn into the standard format of the other trading companies? is €2 a trade on EU stocks. 5 trades a year cost me €10.
FT is €10 a month with restrictions (cancel and must wait 3 month to trade, and only make trades during this 3 months) and get stressed with the aforementioned restrictions.

Why would I choose FT over deGiro when I am investing for the long term in the EUR bourses?

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I really don’t get your attitude in the nicest possible way. You have mentioned how much you invest, a lot of money it seems, and you clearly understand finance then you make a comment like

“Was their real plan to offer GIA as a marketing ploy, and then phase these out and then turn into the standard format of the other trading companies?”

Why the conspiracy theory? It sound like a QAnon supporter. It really is just a simple and transparent business model that has never been anything but clear.

FT offer people a simple and free option to many stocks both domestic and foreign and also an option to widen the net to other stocks. This is the best way for many but you are now saying DeGiro would be cheaper if you buy one stock a month but ignore that this would cost much more than if the stock was a “Free option” with FT.

Every company has to make money and most ways are cheaper through FT than others so picking one particular buy/pay calculation that DeGiro is cheaper is really odd.

The simple fact is if FT match every possible option/permutation others offered then it would go bankrupt very very quickly. Personally I, and I would assume most, would hate for Freetrade to start charging £1.75 a UK trade or 2 Euro for EU stocks plus 50 cent handling fees.

Just briefly looking at DeGiro it would cost me a lot more and don’t offer interest on cash or a free ISA. Of course that is not to say they are not a good or even great option but really people just need to accept this is FTs chosen strategy and it is extremely popular and wins many awards so why would they change it?


Sounds like Degiro are perfect for your needs. Unless Freetrade are able to offer tailored packages for every one of their customers on request I’d just go with whatever suited me best.


I have had to stop investing , and now mostly rely on dividends with taking profit bow and again. My trading is much reduced now and linited to some infrequent and small buys. Mostly caused by reduced income from elsewhere. I am getting stressed by my change of affairs . It’s one reason but bit the main one. Apologies

Also I wanted to see new people get access to EU stocks with a GIA. I had thought FT made money from GIA trades. I had touted FT to others for their GIA, and future expansion into the EU.

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The money form the GIA comes from things like the FX fee. The founders wanted to create a platform where the success of the business is directly correlated with the success of its customers. Many of the other platforms offer reduced or cheap services subsidised by options / CFD trading.

I understand your frustration over this one stock however :freetrade: have applied the same guidance in Holland as they have in German, Finland, UK & US ie Biggest index free the rest on FT+

Reinvesting dividends is the super power to generating wealth but it might be something you have to make alternative plans for. Good Luck!