90 new European stocks are here - 11 March 2022

Hi everyone,

Great news, 90 new European stocks have just landed on your app! :boom:

We’re expanding the number of stocks available from the European markets we’ve launched so far including Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Portugal.

Just like the previous batches, stocks that feature in each of the local markets’ main index are available to all customers.

To access the full list of stocks, you’ll need to be a Plus member. Find out more about becoming a member here.

Keep your eyes peeled as more European markets will be added over the coming months.

The full list of new stocks is below and you can find them on the Discover tab of your Freetrade app now.

When you invest your capital is at risk, the value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than what you invest.

Ticker Stock Only for Plus
AADd Amadeus Fire Plus
ACOMOa Amsterdam Commod Plus
ADN1d Adesso SE Plus
ALMAh Alma Media Plus
ATEBb Atenor Plus
ATRAVh Atria Plus
AVTXa Avantium Plus
B5Ad Bauer Plus
BARb Barco Plus
BBEDa Beter Bed Plus
BITTIh Bittium Plus
BRNLa Brunel Plus
BSGRa B&S Group Plus
BYW6d BayWa Plus
C3RYd Cherry Plus
CAV1Vh Caverion Plus
CMCOMa CM.com Plus
CTH1Vh Componenta Plus
CTTu Correios de Portuga Free
CYADb Celyad Oncology Plus
D6Hd Datagroup Plus
DOV1Vh Dovre Group Plus
DR0d Deutsche Rohstoff Plus
EBUSa Ebusco Plus
ENENTh Enento Plus
EVSb EVS Broadcast Plus
EXL1Vh Exel Composites Plus
FASTa Fastned Plus
FSC1Vh F-Secure Plus
FURa Fugro Plus
HKSAVh HKScan Plus
HRPKd 7C Solarparken Plus
IBSu Ibersol SGPS Free
IMMOb Immobel Plus
INHd Indus Plus
INPSTa InPost Plus
IVUd IVU Traffic Tech Plus
IXXd Traffic Systems Plus
KENDRa Kendrion Plus
KWSd KWS Saat SE & Co Plus
LEId Leifheit Plus
MEKKOh Marimekko Plus
MMKv Mayr Melnhof Karton Plus
MOCORh Metso Outotec Free
MUMd Mensch und Maschine Plus
NXUd Nexus Plus
OKDAVh Oriola Plus
OLVASh Olvi Oyj Plus
OPTOMh Optomed Plus
PA8d Paion Plus
PICb Picanol Plus
PIHLIh Pihlajalinna Plus
PNE3d PNE Plus
PON1Vh Ponsse Plus
POSv Porr Plus
PSANd PSI Software Plus
QBYd q.beyond Plus
RAIVVh Raisio Plus
SEMu Semapa-Sociedade de Investimento e Gestao Free
SIEVIh Sievi Capital Plus
SIPb Sipef Plus
SJJd Serviceware Plus
SKBd Koenig & Bauer Plus
SNGd Singulus Tech Plus
SOLTEh Solteq Plus
ST5d Steico Plus
STRv Strabag Plus
TAALAh Taaleri Plus
TIMAd Zeal Network Plus
TINCb TINC Comm Plus
TKAv Telekom Austria Free
TNOMh Talenom Plus
TTR1d Technotrans Plus
UPGb Unifiedpost Plus
VAIASh Vaisala Plus
VALOEh Valoe Plus
VASTNa Vastned Retail Plus
VH2d Friedrich Vorwerk Plus
VIH1d VIB Vermoegen Plus
VIK1Vh Viking Line Plus
VLKa Van Lanschot Kempen Plus
VVYa Vivoryon Thera Plus
YSNd Secunet Security Plus
ZAGv Zumtobel Plus

*Ok, it’s 89 new stocks in total, we rounded up.


Thanks, are UK stock requests still being looked at? I’ve been a waiting a few months for a few stocks which I requested via the google form


Still waiting on Orsted, please Freetrade make it happen!


Please could we Universal Music Group (UMG) when the Dutch stocks are released?:smile:

Nintendo’s German listing would be awesome
as well!


Looking for this one, it’s been requested but no update on when we will get it.


Well, it’s listed on the Danish/Copenhagen stock exchange. Freetrade doesn’t yet support this exchange. So it won’t be added until they do.
You’ll likely get an in-app message and a forum post here when that happens - as was done with the other European exchanges that were added. :+1:

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Thank you, in the stock request for this @NeilB had said Freetrade would support it as it’s one of the biggest companies on the Danish Stock Exchange. I took that to be that they could press ahead with adding it? Neil you might know?

No one at Freetrade had got back to anyone about this and it’s been waiting a long time now to be added. It’s in the top 10 stock requests to be added so I’m not the only one that’s keen.

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I don’t know when Freetrade are getting their tentacles into Denmark. Along with France & Switzerland it one of the main countries yet to be added.

@Alex_B I don’t suppose you want to give us a teaser do you?


Can we please have EDPR?
It’s a Portuguese stock that is focused on renewable energies.
Freetrade already has EDP (parent company of EDPR).
Thank you

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Is there any ETA in mind for making it easier to filter by european stocks in discover? Appreciate the priority at the moment is getting the selection up.

Hi all, thanks for your thoughts and questions!

@Hornet You can find our European stocks collection on the Discover page. You can also filter by individual exchange on our website here.

On the individual stock requests, please rest assured we are working away to get more and more stocks added to your app! There will be further batches of European stocks launched in the coming weeks and months.

@Emmie Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer Orsted just yet. For info, there is some some extra work required to support currencies outside of the Eurozone.


This is the kind of behind the scenes info that I love to know about. I’m glad to know that there’s a technical reason and you’re not just holding it back to be mean.


@Alex_B Is there a roadmap for which European exchanges are coming?

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