MEGATHREAD: Portuguese, Belgian and Austrian stocks ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ช ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น

Hi everyone,

For the 3rd of February weโ€™re launching 3 new European markets on your Freetrade app! You can now access stocks from Belgium, Portugal and Austria. :portugal: :belgium: :austria:

Like other markets, weโ€™ll be making all the largest Belgian, Portuguese and Austrian stocks by market cap accessible to all customers. These are stocks that feature in the Brussels 20, Lisbon 20 and Vienna 20.

In order to access the full list of stocks you will need to be a Plus member. Details on how to upgrade today can be found here.

Freetrade is one of only a few platforms to enable UK retail investors direct access to the European market, rather than having to invest via a CREST Depository Interest (CDI).

Keep your eyes peeled as more European markets will be added over the coming weeks.

The full list of new stocks is below and you can find them on the Discover tab of your Freetrade app now.

Investments may go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount you invested.

Ticker Stock Only for Plus
ACKBb Ackermans Free
AEDb Aedifica Free
AGFBb AGFA-Gevaert Plus
AGSb Ageas Free
ALTRu Altri Free
ANDRv Andritz Free
ATSv AT&S Austria Free
BCPu Banco Comercial Free
BEFBb Befimmo Plus
BEKBb Bekaert Plus
BGv BAWAG Group Free
BPOSTb bpost Plus
CAIv CA Immobilien Free
CFEBb Cie dโ€™Entreprises Plus
COFBb Cofinimmo Free
COLRb Etablissements Free
CPINVb Care Property Plus
DIEb Dโ€™Ieteren Group Plus
DOCv Do & Co Free
EBSv Erste Group Bank Free
ECONBb Econocom Group Plus
EDPu Energias de Port Free
ELIb Elia Group Free
FAGRb Fagron Plus
GALPu Galp Energia Free
GBLBb Groupe Bruxelles Free
INTOb Intervest Plus
JMTu Jeronimo Martins Free
KBCAb KBC Ancora Plus
KBCb KBC Group Free
KINb Kinepolis Group Plus
LNZv Lenzing Free
MELEb Melexis Free
NVGu The Navigator Co Free
ONTEXb Ontex Group Plus
POSTv Oesterreichische Free
PROXb ProximusDP Free
RBIv Raiffeisen Bank Free
RECb Recticel Plus
RENEu Redes Energeticas Free
SANTd S&T Free
SBOv Schoeller-Bleckmann Free
SHURb Shurgard Self Plus
SOFb Sofina Free
SOLBb Solvay Free
SONu Sonae Free
TESBb Tessenderlo Group Plus
TNETb Telenet Group Free
UMIb Umicore Free
UQAv UNIQA Insurance Free
VERv Verbund Free
VIGv Vienna Insurance Free
VOEv Voestalpine Free
WDPb Warehouses De Pauw Free
WIEv Wienerberger Free

Great news the European rollout is gaining momentum!


I wonder on the โ€˜Discoverโ€™ page could we have categories listed via country rather than just โ€˜European Stocksโ€™ as this is going to be unwieldy soon with so many listed.


great job Freetrade!



Great work everyone!


Not the most exciting markets but excellent progress!


Corticeira Amorim, world market leader in the cork industry, is listed in the Portuguese stock exchange. It is included in the Portuguese PSI 20.

I canโ€™t find it on the app though. Since the Portuguese 20 was just added, this company should show on the app


Amazing!!! Waiting to invite my friends in Portugalโ€ฆ


Very tempted by Wienerburger

Glad to see some good stocks there and plenty of Free ones.

Bpost is Pro, but frankly I could never invest in them because I hate bpost with a vengence and should never invest out of principle. They charge all my clients excessive fees and the amount of stuff I got returned from Royal Mail to me from Belgians who refuse the import administration fees was significant. Rant over :slight_smile:

BNB is missing - Banque National de Belge. They are a large bank :slight_smile:

This. Yes, please


Are we listed as shareholders in these companies when we buy, or is it through a custodian and our names are known to the company?

e.g How will I get to vote if I buy a stock in a EUR company that has voting rights?

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Hoping Warsaw gets picked up as itโ€™d be nice to be able to buy CD Project Red shares directly.


Glad to see Belgium, looking forward to Poland stock exchange (WSE). Iโ€™m seriously upset that you havenโ€™t included Lotus Bakeries (LOTB:EN Brussels) from Belgian Euronext Brussels.
Lotus Bakeries are makers of Biscoff, which is taking over cafes, pastry stores and supermarket shelves internationally and despite a recent draw down, their stock has been doing better than most.
Please add Lotus Bakeries from Belgium soon!:slight_smile:


Awesome to have all these additional markets increasing our choice of potential investment opportunities. Thanks for that!

Shame about the high withholding tax rates they all charge with the exception of the Dutch market, which has a much lower rate.

Rates as listed currently on the FAQ pages:

Netherlands at 15%
Portugal at 25%
Germany at 25% + 1.75%
Austria at 27.5%
Finland at 30%
Belgium at 30%


Thanks freetrade.

Definitely interested in Raifaissen Bank.

The price seemed a bit high so I didnโ€™t go for it though.

Itโ€™s a corporate sponsored nominee type affair. We are not on the register of shareholders in the same way we arenโ€™t with any UK companies we hold.

If you are keen on being on the share register youโ€™ll need to sign up for certificated shares or whatโ€™s known as a personal crest account.

Both are expensive and not supported by any discount broker, including Freetrade.

As far as i know sharevoting doesnโ€™t exist on freetrade at all.

This is an area where freetrade both can and should improve.


Thank-you for the clear explanation. I shall stick with the cheaper shares and foresake my share certificates for now.

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How does this work when we buy? Is there an equivalent of W8BEN form to sign or does FT just tax for us and none of our details are passed onto the relevant country, or do we get the payments gross and submit tax declarations to the relevant tax authority?

The devil is in the details, so please spill these for us to dive in? Each personsโ€™ situation might well differ.

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I think we pay it on our dividends in full. No W8 BEN for anything other than US stocks

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