MEGATHREAD: Finnish stocks ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ

Hi everyone!

The first batch of European stocks has arrived on your app. :eu:

Kicking off our European shares rollout are 38 great stocks from Finland, including highly requested stocks such as Angry Birds maker Rovio and lift maker Kone.

Like in the UK and US, we will be making all the largest Finnish stocks by market cap (those that feature in the Helsinki 25) accessible to all customers. In order to access the full list of stocks you will need to be a Plus member - details on how to upgrade today can be found here.

The full list of stocks is below and you can find them on the Discover tab of your Freetrade app now!

Full list (All ISA and SIPP eligible)

Ticker Stock Universe
AKTIAh Aktia Bank Plus
BAS1Vh BasWare Plus
CGCBVh Cargotec Free
CTY1Sh Citycon Plus
ELISAh Elisa Free
FIA1Sh Finnair Plus
FORTMh Fortum Free
FSKRSh Fiskarsp Plus
HARVIh Harvia Plus
HUH1Vh Huhtamaki Free
KAMUXh Kamux Corp Plus
KCRh Konecranes Free
KEMIRh Kemira Free
KESKBh Kesko Free
KNEBVh Kone Free
KOJAMh Kojamo Free
LAT1Vh Lassila & Tikanoja Plus
METSBh Metsa Board Free
MUSTIh Musti Group Plus
NDAh Nordea Bank Free
NESTEh Neste Free
ORNBVh Orion Free
OUT1Vh Outokumpu Free
QTCOMh QT Group Free
REG1Vh Revenio Group Plus
ROVIOh Rovio Entertainment Plus
SAA1Vh Sanoma Plus
SAMPOh Sampo Free
STERVh Stora Enso Free
TOKMAh Tokmanni Group Corp Plus
TTALOh Terveystalo Plus
TYRESh Nokian Renkaat Free
UPMh UPM-Kymmene Free
UPONOh Uponor Plus
VALMTh Valmet Free
WRT1Vh Wartsilap Free

Thanks Alex, great start! Any plan to add Spinnova OYj in the near future?

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Finnish European stocks? But weโ€™re just getting started!


Came here for this :sweat_smile:


Dropping dad joke bombs your commute home @heytokyo? :joy::joy:


When these go live everyone should change their profile pictures for 24 hours to something from the great country of Finland!

Mika Hรคkkinen

Valtteri Botas

Kimi Rรคikkรถnen

Nico Rosberg

Is driving cars fast all they do?!?

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They are live already, at least for me.
Works well for instant trades.
I suppose the other trade types will be added at some point?


Canโ€™t help thinking that dropping big stocks such as Adidas or Mercedes would be slightly more newsworthy. All those niche Finnish stock fanboys will be happy thoughโ€ฆ :wink:


Me too. I donโ€™t want to buy it but itโ€™s nice I have the option.

Itโ€™s probably to start small and test the stack theyโ€™ve built.


Finnish? Heโ€™s not finished heโ€™s only 28โ€ฆ :rofl:


Iโ€™m so glad someone posted this. I think about it far too oftenโ€ฆ


What times (against UK hours) does the Finnish market open.

when Amsterdam Euronext

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Good work Freetrade :raised_hands:

How long until Euronext or Frankfurt?

Can we expect more exchanges this side of Christmas?


Jari Litmanen!

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Probably a redundant answer now as you can see the market opening times in the app.

Opening hours for the finnish market is 08:00 to 16:25 (our time)

Just to confirm, youโ€™re not connecting to the market directly and you are using a third party provider to execute trades?

My understanding is that theyโ€™ve build their own stack, this is cited as the only way to do โ€˜freeโ€™ orders effectively with UK orders so Iโ€™m assuming the same will hold.