MEGATHREAD: Finnish stocks ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ

Have you bought a share?

At the bottom it says โ€˜Venue - CBOE Europe NLโ€™, so it would appear they are routing shares through them and are not connecting directly.


Good spot - I havenโ€™t brought anything as other than Rovio Iโ€™m not sure I know any of them.

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I wonder if the app is going to be updated to add a โ€œEuroโ€ pill to the existing UK and US category pills in the search?

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Wonder if swiss shares will be available, seeing as theyโ€™re out of the EU.

Great idea. Iโ€™ve changed mine to Jean Sibelius.


Was Finland Independence Day on Monday too


Hi Jean, Iโ€™m Eero. Iโ€™m a architect and I have two sets of double vowels in my name :wave:



In the interest of fairness can a Finnish tax resident join freetrade?

As a consolation, you can search for Finnish stocks by searching for XHEL


Did the Finnish stocks arrive today or yesterday?

SamPta brought them as an early Christmas present today.

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Glorious. I was a participant on day one of Freetrades Finnish (and European) expansion milestones.

Bought a share of Atkia Bank and interested in Kone also.


How fabulous. Had the pleasure of working for KONE for 10+ years with 4 of those living & starting our family in Helsinki. Some amazing times with an amazing company with amazing people in an amazing country :finland::pray:t3:Kippis :beers::blue_heart::white_heart::sunglasses:

It was craaaaazy to be there and witness the downward spiral of Nokia (HQ next to KONE HQ). They had it in their hand and dropped it badlyโ€ฆ

PS hands and feet just about back to having some feeling after the cold. Just about :cold_face::rofl:


Awesome! We have a 1934 KONE lift in our block - looks particularly scary with an old school grinder but so far so good :sweat_smile:

Where did you live in Helsinki?


Edit: I did it wrong! Blame jet lag. At least it is a delicious mistake.


Do you know something?:thinking:

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Great question @hookedinvesting, Iโ€™m glad you ask! We are indeed connecting to the European markets directly, and connecting to a major CCP to clear trades. Iโ€™ll explain more here.

At face value, this new feature might seem simple - a bunch more stocks added to the platform. However, beneath the surface, itโ€™s anything but simple, and what sets this new feature apart is ingrained in the DNA of Freetrade: investing time, energy and money into developing the right technology to build a sustainable business, supporting our clients throughout their lives. In short, this is the most complex piece of engineering and operations work since we built the Invest platform in 2019/20.

Our strategy with European trading is to effectively put you on the trading floor, trading alongside the brokers, market makers and institutions - rather than trading through those groups and lining their pockets with profit. This gives us several key differentiators: we can offer the best prices because weโ€™re removing the counterparties that would take a cut from the spread you receive; and we can extend our stock universe with more trading venues in future using the same technology.


Do you plan on doing the same for US markets - removing the dependency on drivewealth?


Is Freetrade acting as the counterpart, market maker or other similar role when we deal with European stocks?

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Is the UK based freetrade nominees ltd or a European equivalent being used as the custodian?

Freetrade nominees Europe LTD if you will?