MEGATHREAD: Finnish stocks 🇫🇮

It’s a pity that quite a few of the finnish stocks are only for plus members. What’s the criteria for non-LSE to be only for Plus members?


Finnish stocks available to all members are “those that feature in the Helsinki 25.”

I forget the criteria for the USA, but it’s probably stocks inside of the S&P500.


Thanks for taking the time to provide an insightful answer @Duncan well done team :freetrade: on shipping before Xmas :christmas_tree:




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Thanks for the answer, Duncan!

I’d be lying if I said I fully understand the explanation, but that is likely due to my own lack of knowledge :sweat_smile:


So @duncan what’s the difference between CCP and ‘market makers and institutions’?

Are you saying that they are not


I mean someone is obviously making the market here. That is the reason for a spread. Someone must be making the market liquid here. If there are no market makers - that is fine as it is easy to see how technology can remove them from the picture. But it is hard to understand how Freetrade differentiates: it can only use the API’s that are provided by an appropriate gateway or exchange. The API’s might be such that they “take care of liquidity” because of dividing transactions up so on and so forth … but if so I’d guess that all brokerages would do that? There is no reason for any brokerage to use them unless they have to use them.

By reading this, I now feel my question was stupid, revealing I know nothing about what happens in the engine room

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Was having a look today. Attempted to buy Kone at €61.10 but the trade failed.

I’ve seen this companies name on multiple lifts and I know they are a huge player.

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Nope your question was not stupid. It is unclear from what was in the original comment how the market is made i.e. where the liquidity in the market comes from. So the spirit of your question is not unreasonable.

To reiterate: The CCP interposes itself between counterparties.

In other words the CCP is a middleman.

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Nice! Finnair is looking tempting to me :slightly_smiling_face:


I won’t go into a definition of an intermediary here. But I will stick with the key point: they are middlemen in clearance and settling. I agree that the definition can change based on country, exchange and even type of security.

What is germane here is that it wholly unclear from what Duncan said where liquidity comes from. I made some assumptions (giving him the benefit of doubt).

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Hi Folks

I have reasonable knowledge about investing etc but not the sausage machine that makes it happen, lots of people following your posts - any chance of some hyperlinks/acronyms explanations so we can all learn?

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I am pleased to be able to get KONE.

Looking forward to the other Euro stocks when they arrive.


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Hey @NeilB I am not an expert on all of this, I know about and understand only some bits, and I seem to forget loads after I learn about some new bits :-). So I usually assume it’s turtles all the way down.


tends to have at least some basic but trustworthy information.

So for example CCP

or Market Maker


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