☑ OTC (over-the-counter) stocks

I saw something about OTC stocks coming to Freetrade, Any news on this?

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Where did you see this?

[Request] Galaxy Next Generation (GAXY) - #3 by Viktor here

The reply you linked, he says ‘not yet’…

That to me says there is no news… yet…

‘yet’ suggests to me it’s coming…

But without a timescale. It could be in 2028 for all we know.


sure, hence why I am asking for clarification


I would also like to know. Interested in VMNT and NTDOY.


Assuming its through Drivewealth it looks like it’s a no.

There are a bunch of weird stocks available through other “Drivewealth apps” though. The competitors’ apps. The IPOEs and IPOCs and charging stations stocks.

Please bring OTC to freeTrade !!

IPOE is on Freetrade, IPOC was but is now Clover Health (CLOV) and is still on Freetrade

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I’ve had another look at Drivewealth; seem like a hard no, so we’d be waiting on FT to get a new clearing house, which is a tough sell. They also don’t allow US stocks under 1bn.

OTC is very hot right now, wonder whether with a few votes we could get FT to explore it?

I bet more than a few stock requests are OTC.

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it’s so hot :fire:


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Invest at own risk!!

@AdamL one of the trades didnt go through 2x during the past 15 mins. It was one of them hot stonks. I think it’s a sign? Im happy for some reason, these stonks are smoking and its probably not a good sign

As I think I’ve pointed out before… DriveWealth recently acquired Cuttone. One of Cuttones products is a direct route to market for OTC stock. Whilst DriveWealth haven’t yet categorically said they’ll use this Cuttone tech to help Retail traders get OTC access… you have to think the chances are high… So, watch this space…


They were using Cuttone before the acquisition. but OTC isn’tavailable it looks like for now https://help.drivewealth.com/article/14-drivewealths-product-list

For now

OTC is essential for providers building on DW… competitors are taking all that demand and all that business right now. I’d be surprised if DW didn’t know this and I’d be surprised if DW didn’t remedy it quickly and start routing DW retail orders through the CUTN PinkBull router… or something that achieves the same end.

I sleep better knowing my stonks arent pink sheets tbh… There’s a healthy-unhealthy demand for Russell2000000000 stonks but there’re a lot of interestin new names in $1bn+ category that drivewealth offer. Trying not to FOMO