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Which company in this segment has done something to justify the price?

It’s not question of how much NIO will be worth but rather what the personal transportation industry will be worth.

It used to be worth around 800b. It’s moving towards 2 trillions. Will it then become 10 trillions? That makes little logical sense if we assume that people will buy same number of cars for the same price.

I can agree that NIO is an amazing company and maybe it will have 10% of the market. The question is how much those 10% are worth.

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I think disputing the market cap of NIO is futile when you have Tesla valued at over $800bn.
I agree that these valuations for EV companies are mad but given the rate at which NIO is expanding production I’m confident there’s plenty of room left for it to grow this year.

Well this is it, Nio and the rest have only risen exponentially the last few months because of Tesla and major FOMO imo.
Nio will continue to rise, in fact I’m sure it will explode tomorrow based on this weekends news and it’s the reason I’m still invested😄

Pre-market trading for nio looking especially positive today :partying_face:


Really liking the look of this company now, wish I had been in from last year but still see great LT from here on :ok_hand:

Hiya all

can anyone help me cause I’m new to this chat and the free trade I’m still getting used to this all trading business is the nio going to drop and can anyone predict hw much is it going to go up or is nio going to be dropping cause of president Biden coming in the White House

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@Fazz786 - To protect your money I highly suggest you do not invest absolutely any funds until you have understood investments more clearly.

Nobody can predict truly if an investment will go up or down, otherwise we will all be living on private islands.

Pineapple Power is a SPAC, a complex instrument designed as a vehicle for takeover and you shouldn’t really invest in these until you understand how to research them.

I wish I had some good links to give you and not just leave you high and dry but please take a read on more articles, more and more, keep going. Then when you feel more comfortable with your understanding, jump in.

Aim to invest your funds for the long term ideally, and only invest funds you can afford to lose and will not need access to in the short term.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful but your questions can’t really be answered. It’s all speculation.


I sold my nio shares yesterday.

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Any reason for why?
They got another price target of $100 hence the rise yesterday.

I honestly think they could achieve it this year give the rapid increase in production capabilities…


Because needed to raise funds for Churchill capital.

Should have held on premarket today show NIO at $64.31.
It’ll go higher

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Yes but pre market Churchill capital is up 23%

Hello guys nio I’ve been hearing mixed news about nio is it worth me keeping do you think . Im very new to this investing game :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome Tammy.

Best method of investing for most people is dollar cost averaging (buying monthly) and holding long term.

I think Nio will be over $100 next year. Have a look at the Freetrade baggers thread for stocks the community think will do well.

No investing advice given here of course…

NIO is looking really promising, got a couple shares in from last week. This one is gonna be a long hold, looking like $150 for next year. 5 year hold minimum for me. Not investing advice.

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It’s in the states already!! It’s gotta be a good sign! :red_gift_envelope::red_gift_envelope::red_gift_envelope::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


I’d rather see it driving then being on the back of a recovery vehicle :sweat_smile: