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eh… the problems of investing in Chinese Stocks. I love NIO, was buying it in the 3s. Laughed when GS put out the sell and $7PT and ran it up to the 60’s on the bubble.

But all along you never really know with Chinese accounting and the lack of credible third party audits. Who remembers LK?

There is a reason why the SEC is threatening to delist pretty much all of them.

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Welcome back @Ambienz :ocean:

Per Grizzly Research -

NIO’s Chairman and CEO, Bin Li, is closely tied to Joy Capital and Erhai Liu, parties central to the Luckin Coffee Fraud

It doesn’t seem a very high quality short report flicking through in my opinion. JP Morgan have also commented on the two main issues:

Reassuring they also don’t see anything in the revenue recognition. Seemed pretty standard stuff to me too.

BaaS is an altogether more complex issue as it’s a completely unproven business model with generally unknown/terrible unit economics. But even if (as they disclose) they purchase a battery per subscriber I would be very surprised if they could operate without a substantial reserve supply. So when expanding I don’t see anything problematic with greater sales booked than subscribers.

I’m continuing to hold.

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No problem paying £5 a month. What is confusing me is 75% of my stocks are in my ISA and the other 25% is stocks which could not go in my ISA such as NIO and some plus only stocks i wanted to hold but didn’t want to pay for plus so could not buy anymore. Freetrade has NIO listed as avaliable for a ISA, is this correct?

It’s not ISA eligible according to the spreadsheet. its probably an error on the website.

It wasn’t before, but it seems that it is ISA eligible now, the HL website also indicates this.

Possibly the listing earlier this year on the Hong Kong exchange meant it became eligible. (that is a guess, the ISA eligibility rules seem to be very very complicated.)

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Could be. if its changed but not reflected in the app for purchase then a ticket or email to freetrade should get it sorted at some point

I can’t remember when it was changed, but it has been available to invest in the ISA for a few weeks at least.

I can confirm as @JimmyJ says that it is available in the app for ISA investing. I see no reason why it should not be. @JimmyJ correctly indicates that being an ADR in itself is not a no no for ISA. What is critical is whether the underlying shares are traded on a recognised exchange. This share is traded on the HKEX which is a HMRC recognised exchange as HKEX: 9866.

In case of doubts of this nature please email support or ping in-app support.


Xpeng is currently the same as they was non ISA too,

Big of a joke that with nio and xpeng

What’s going on with FT displaying the incorrect $20.05 instead of the correct amount of $20.82? Is FT broken?

It’s now saying that the share price is $19.17. What the heck is going on FT?

Quite a few of my stocks are priced differently on Google Finance, the market has been closed for hours. Don’t get it.

There are different data providers, most days you’ll find a difference between what they could as the close price. If I remember correctly they use either the average bid/ask or the final trade price. Some trades are ‘off book’ and these update later as the data provider gets them.

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I get the final trade price from nio inc by email and it stated that it closed at $20.82 at 10.51pm. Confused as to why FT has a different price from nio.

Because NIO is using a different data provider to Freetrade.

I wouldn’t get too hung up on it, unless you’re trying to swing / day trade it’s not an issue.

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Thanks Neil, seems to have been sorted now :+1:

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I’m not 100% there hasn’t been a man issue data provider too which won’t have helped the situation.