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That’s what we want to here glad I decided to hold


@RGol thanks for that since citron pulling out I really thought the price would drop to around li auto prices :+1:

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A new NIO sedan is coming to the market. It looks great.


Shift of power towards X Peng …
I’d like to think X Peng can offer a more main stream line of vehicles affordable to more customers than NIO being a bit more high end more Tesla like either way with petrol and diesel being phased out I think there’s only one way both companies are guna go and that’s slowly upwards till 2025 - 2030

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Wow … I missed the main hike but today was awsome for everything electric :slight_smile:

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EV Markets have dropped across the board.

Right Now is “BUY” time.

Many have waited for the dip, nows your best chance to get in.

Nio to the Moon…


Wall Street Bets is leaking again… but I kind of like it :joy: Stonks, stonks, stonks!!


I’m in on Tesla for long term and Arrival (via CIIC) as the riskier commercial play. But that’s it for EV.

GM needs more love IMO.

The next generation XPENG car will use lidar, how about NIO?

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I think the NIO CEO talked about using Lidar recently, saying that technology meets what they’re pursuing in terms of reliability and security, but also citing the need to tailor that to cost, since it’s a more expensive technology. However, it is known that they returned the work begun in 2015 to develop their own technology. Everything will be revealed on Nio Day. Anyway I think NIO and Xpeng are on a good path to challenge Tesla in China.

What’s changed today that’s driven the +10% fall?

Chinese EVs taking a bashing because of the fraud allegations of Kandi (another Chinese EV) and the threat by the US to delist Chinese stocks.
These stocks have also been running pretty hot recently too.

Anyone else selling? NIO is my biggest holding but decided to sell a big chunk today as i really fear a massive drop, don’t like doing as i was planning to be NIO for a long time but the threat of being delisted is only going to send the price one way. Will buy back immediately things look ok. I might be wrong but i feel extremely uncomfortable.


well i took a hunch and bought my first tranch at just under $39. Only £500 worth but that’s all i could immediately deposit in my account using Apple Pay.

here’s hoping for some recovery.

Yep I’m out. I still believe it’s a great company and was worthy of its value.

When it comes to all things finance, I usually always have faith in the American values of extreme greed and of their population to put up with it so I was happy to see NIO listed in the US however; I think the only US force greater than greed is American Exceptionalism and I think there is a real risk that they could delist Chinese companies just to stick it to China.


Do you still think that since Biden is going to take the office? Could delisting of all Chinese companies in US really happen?

If I could buy more, I would.
The panic is unjustified IMO - they would only be delisted if they refused to be audited by a US firm and I don’t see Nio shooting themselves in the foot by going against that.
Imagine the retaliation from China if they starting delisting Chinese firms!

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Upgraded to $59 by goldman Sachs yesterday, happy to hold,my initial investment has been taken out, still have a good chunk sitting up over 1100% today


I bought in at $7 so long way to go down before I make a loss.

I can’t imagine it being delisted though. It does make sense for people to take their profits as the share price shot up far too quickly because of hype.

As always with hype stocks they can still keep growing without keeping in line with fundamentals.