No update to activity

Wondering why there has been no update since 9.36am to the share price in trafalgar property and its now 14.30?

The market cap of this ‘property company’ is less than my house is worth. :rofl:

It’s not going to be liquid and with little volumes prices aren’t going to be updating frequently.


Extremely low liquidity it would seem!

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I thought you were joking with the market cap. But no, the company is the joke. Ouch.

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What are these people doing :laughing::

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For anyone who has deep dived this company please feel free to correct me but from a quick glance at their website it boggles my mind how some investments (deemed complex) have been restricted but equities like this remain available for investing in :thinking:


That decision by freetrade was so random they didn’t seem to be able to explain it themselves or certainly chose not to when asked.

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