Trafalgar Property - TRAF

A residential homes and assisted care development business focused on the South-East market of the UK.


Has anyone bought into TRAF? I click the link and it says it’s broken. If you know where the chat forum for it is can you drop me the link please :blush:

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Hey :wave:

Thanks for flagging, we’ve now made a share chat to discuss £TRAF and updated the link on the app.

Doyin :blush:


Thank you very much :blush:

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I’ve been watching it for the last week or so now… got 100 shares looking to increase soon. What you thinking??

That’s good to hear! I feel like I’m the only one with shares haha. Can’t really find much info atm on anything happening. I got in @£0.0208 a share and have 722 since Feb 19th so feel like I bought at the peak :grimacing:.

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It’s me and you all the way :joy:… yeah I’m really struggling to find much on them too! I know of them as I live in the south east and see a new home opening soon too but that’s all I have :joy:

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