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This investment trust invests in property companies and direct property holdings in the UK and Europe.

Sorry for necrobumping but I’ve been building a position in TR Property, so I could hardly resist.

Anyone else hold this? Anyone at all? :laughing:

I may be alone but I think TRY will continue to outperform in the long run.

This write-up gives a good overview of the trust despite being commissioned by its management group:

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You learn something new every day.

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I assume that that’s where this forum’s “Revive this topic?” warning comes from but I may be wrong!

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I’m a fellow holder!

Thanks for the info, I really like this investment trust, aim to keep topping it up. :smile:


Phew, I’m glad I’m not the only one!

TRY is my only dedicated property holding. I figure it’s simpler than buying a bunch of Reits for residential, commercial, industrial etc and, arguably, a better option than a passive tracker.

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Not a fan of property in general.
This is a way of getting someone else to do the research for you. They should be more informed than us peasants.
You are paying Management fees twice.
Seen a podcast by the manager recently saying, the shares they own are on a 30% discount and they are on a 10% discount.
They invest across Europe as well as the UK.
“To maximise total returns of shareholders by investing in the shares and securities of property companies and property related businesses internationally and also in investment property located in the UK”
"Compare investment companies | The AIC
Returns over 1 and 5 years are dire. Mainly i would assume as a product of the big to very big falls in reit share prices.
4.87% dividend.
The only companies in its sector

This share is my largest holding!

Been battered recently and now represents a rising yield of around 5% with potential big capital upside going by past performance (usual caveats).

The dividend is covered by 1.48 years at £72m odd in revenue reserves.

Not much to dislike at current prices.

However I understand that if you have a higher buy average, it probably feels like a bad place to be right now.

Anyone else a fan?

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Count me in. TRY’s probably been my biggest conviction buy over the past year and I’m pleased with an average price of £2.75.

As I see it, there’s not that much room to fall from here (famous last words), a healthy dividend and plenty of room for capital growth.

It’s becoming one of the biggest holdings in my Isa, so I’ll probably stop adding to it for now unless another dip proves too tempting.

As TRY’s focused on Europe, I like the idea of pairing it with a handful of US Reits.

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I’m waiting for their annual results webinar, hearing Marcus talk and talk about property doesn’t get old, let’s hope it’s soon.

This is the latest one before they announced their year end results.