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I’m looking to get some exposure to REIT as a potential hedge against inflation. I notice that there are a few on Freetrade and wondered if any are better than others? I have heard that £RGL may be a good choice but i am interested to hear others’ thoughts with more experience before committing.


So I own a few REIT & it kind of depends on what exposure you looking for.

Take the RGL REIT you mentioned; As you know there a massive push for WFH Environment which might have a impact on it.

Then look at a company called EQIX which mainly focus on Data Centres. With the expand of Technology it would be a worthwhile Investment.

REIT is usually for Dividend than for Capital Gain as mention from Investopidia (I probably spelt that wrong) " Pay a minimum of 90% of taxable income in the form of shareholder dividends each year"

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I have investments in


Super I’m believing will continue to grow during the inflation that coming.
Supermarkets are hardly likely to close down, rent income linked to inflation.
Secure income I’m not so sure this year but can’t be any worse than 2020 :see_no_evil:
They have extended the lease with Merlin for another 35 years. I can’t see Alton Towers going bust a time soon.


Thanks for the advice and I will check out EQIX as I do have the same concerns for RGL that you mentioned. I was hoping to put it in my ISA, but a lot of the options are exempt. Not sure if you knownof anyone which are eligible?

SUPR seems like a good option and I will definitely look into them more. Secure income might see some boosts this Summer as people stay on UK shores rather than heading abroad. Especially as their venues are outside, people might feel more comfortable visiting for a day out with the family

So the approach I did was to use the Freetrade Stock List to look for REIT (Might also want to use the dropdown for Properties as well) & isolate by ISA

That should give you the list you need.

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I think it’s only US REITs that can go in the ISA, the UK ones are only available for your GIA due to there being tax rules. Freetrade are trying to sort this and have been working on it for a while.


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I hold Segro & Warehouse… Sadly outside ISA … But thinking of moving them to my outside FT SIPP


I gather you didn’t understand the rest of the post :slightly_smiling_face:
Which refers to this thread - UK REITs in ISAs 🇬🇧 - #15 by Gemhappe

Essentially the blocker being a background mechanism for Freetrade to reclaim the 20% tax on PIDs within ISAs and SIPPs (link shared by another member in the thread linked above) - REIT, dividends and UK tax | Assura


UK Reits are not available on the ISA unfortunately.


Thanks for the insights everyone. I will perform some more research and look to reopen my H&L ISA for this year if freetrade still do not offer by the time i have decided

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