REITs investments

I’m interested in investing into REIT I’ve done my own research but I’m curious to what you guys think and what REITS you like :slight_smile:

As Codf mentioned in a different topic, here is an interesting video about REIT:

These are my personal shortlisted companies:

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As a dividend investor REITS are a must for your portfolio. The US ones seem great and often pay out monthly, but sadly are not available on FT.

I tend to look for a balance of stock growth, yield and possibly most important a good dividend growth.
On FT I like:
Secure Income
Sirius Real Estate
Unite Students
Big Yellow Group
Commercial Property

The last one is a bit odd. It pays monthly a fixed 0.5p per share giving a yield of 6% or so. If you reinvest the dividends you can increase the yield after a few years. There is no growth in its share price.


The last one is a trust, with pretty sharp expenses. That should be considered.

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Warehouse Reit (WHR) - Not on FT
Tritax Big Box (BBOX) - On FT I believe


Thanks for the replies everyone! Does anyone know if freetrade plan to make REITS available in the ISA ?

Yes. It’s in testing.
Roadmap here:

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Some info here.

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Hi Johnny, what app you using for these? Thanks.

Hi Tommy, I am using Etoro for majority of my investments. It doesn’t have all of the REIT companies but it has AGNC,NLY,LTC,O and few others which are good.

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I really want RGL.

If you are looking for a REIT to hide during this volatile period, both Civitas Social Housing and Primary Health Properties are currently holding up pretty well. Both have agreed long lease agreements with the UK Government and so their forward looking income should be ok. They could drop a bit if liquidity within the wider market continues to be a problem, but so far they are looking pretty defensive. Civitas also has a reasonable looking dividend at these price levels. I’ve been in both for a while and at this point I’m glad that I am.

Do your own research, etc. but just thought that I’d highlight them in case it helps.


What is the yield of both of these @Mat?

At the current prices then the Financial Times site has their dividend yields shown as listed below. I could have used the HL site to check this, but their numbers look a bit wrong to me from time to time.

Civitas Social Housing - 5.52%
Primary health Properties - 3.66%

Both pay dividends quarterly, and both have a roadmap of future projects that should continue to grow income over time.


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Thanks. I’m looking at REIT’s as a way to diversify my equity based portfolio, but I don’t want to sacrifice too much of my allocation for poor growth or a small dividend.

They both seem to warrant further investigation.

Codf, if you are looking for a potentially interesting growth play, you might want to have a look at Manolete Partners, They’re not a REIT and unfortunately they aren’t listed on the FT app yet (requested, but not available). However, I’ve started to build a position in this company and I just thought that you might find them worth a look.


Thanks Johnny

Thanks Johnny!

REITs in ISA is still a thing. Had a quick chat with devs as the new roadmap wasn’t showing it. Rest assured it’s still in the pipeline.

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I have a couple in my porfollio but I have to use trading 212 for a the amreican ones. Realty income. main st capital and stag. I have kept an eye on simon property group too, but holding off due to them having alot exposure to malls.