Notes recording against listings

I would find it incredibly useful to be able to record a few lines of free text against each of my investment/watchlist items.

Id use it to record investment strategy (buy/sell point) and reasons for adding to my watchlist.

I’d envisage a field below the About section, on each of the holding details page. Obviously specific to each user.


You could have the date that the note is made as well. Peter Lynch used to make notes on why he invested in companies and then check if the thesis was still true when he went back to look at them.


I’d really welcome this idea. It would useful to be able to quickly refer to when reviewing holdings.

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You could add dividend dates also

This is a really good idea.

can the following threads be combined with this one please:


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Hey, would be great to have a way to put notes into the details page for each investment and/or a tag that shows how they appear on the portfolio list, as an aide memoir as to what on earth I’m doing with it. So, for example, I could tag a stock #dividend that shows up when I look at the overview and add a line of detail onto the individual page e.g. ‘holding until XX/dividend paid on Y/etc’.



Wondering if it’s possible to add a note :memo: to the stocks page. So when viewing an individual stock you could add some extra info of your own, such as price research or maybe a log of the ex-dividend Pay dates ?

Would be handy to do all that in the app rather than having to go away from it to where you have the info elsewhere. Would also mean people are using the app more making it their own which could increase user interaction.
Not sure on what would be involved in doing it so it may be a complete no no.

This would be great if you could also add notes (E.g. bought based on PE ratio) to a transaction too so that this info showed up in your activity feed.

I was just coming here to suggest this too.
I think it Would be really helpful to have a Add note button on stocks. I’m trying to diversify my portfolio so it would be really helpful to keep track of things

Something like that maybe?