When to Sell?

I’m generally a buy and hold investor (I probably hold because I never know when to sell!)

Came across this from ‘Share’ Magazine which was interesting:


We had a lengthy discussion on this topic a while ago, if I recall. Love it. Really comes down to personal preferences and your views on a company.


Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Love the above

This is great. I’d like to think it’s what I do, more or less.

One thing that I find helps is writing down your investment case for new positions. If you’re anything like me, you’ll forget when reviewing your portfolio months or years down the line.

A few times I’ve wondered: “What on earth was I thinking?” :laughing:

Nowadays, I like to keep some notes on my phone for each holding, with various bull/bear points, which makes it far easier when I come to re-assess things.


Me too - it’s why I wish the app allowed us to write notes against individual shares owned or in watch list. It would make life so much easier. You could write entry and exit prices or dates etc. It would be handy even with companies you don’t want - being able to write note saying why to avoid having done research would be very handy.


I could hardly agree more. I’d imagine some simple notes would be a piece of cake to implement too.

I’m surprised this idea doesn’t have more votes:


I found this tweet today about this topic.
I don’t necessarily agree 100% with it, but it could help someone to create a better decision tree


Some good points although I don’t agree with it all either. As Orwell put it, break any of these rules sooner than do anything outright barbarous!

I would imagine that certain features like this may make the app a bit too cluttered and lose focus of what it is there to be. Consider a tool like Simply Wall Street. They offer really nice software for research on stocks etc. You can create your own transaction portfolio and analyse your portfolio and holdings. It offers you the option to make notes on any stock you want. They have announced a feature where they will be integrating with brokers so that your portfolio automatically pulls through. I am not sure if Freetrade will be included, as I would imagine this will initially target American brokers. Either way, I personally find this and Stock Analysis very useful. I have dropped links below if anyone is interested.

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That’s a really good share