Paper Record of holdings

I’m quite old school in my record keeping, but new(ish) to holding more than a couple of individual stocks that haven’t been gained by building society or ins co conversions from mutuals to plc., or inheritance.

Anyway, what I’m after are ideas on how to keep a handwritten (yes quill and ink) record of my shareholdings, transactions, disposals etc.,.

Does anyone have any pointers?



Presumably you could do this via a standard single or double entry book keeping?

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Thanks for the reply. My accounting skills are minimal to non-existent, but I’ll research your suggestion.

You don’t need to over complicate a spread sheet. Plenty of people will build in all kinds of complex formula but a simple brought x shares for Y & sold x shares for Y is easily made.

Happy to know up something where all you do is put in your prices and units.