Reports & Docs

I recently joined free trade. I changed from interactive Investors as free trade more competitive pricing for my needs. Tbh I am beginning to regret my decision due to lack of document/statement features available
My wife a bank so before I buy or sell a share I need to get it pre authorised by her compliance team in case of conflict/insider trading. It’s a pretty typical thing so I am sure I am not the only one in this situation.
Her company also insist on a detailed monthly statement of holdings as well as any transactions (buy/sell/divi reinvestments) to ensure all trades have had the authorisatuon. Freetrade have really poor/non existent document features. I would like to self serve instead of having to submit the same query each month and wait days for a statement to get emailed.
It needs to be on headed paper and not just screenshots from the app.
Surely not an efficient use of anyone’s time.
Anyone else have this need and supports above idea to be able to self serve more on documents and statements?

Thx for considering

Hi Tim :wave:

We’re actively working with other Financial Services firms to help streamline Personal Account Dealing processes by offering automatic disclosures for their employers and close relatives. If this is something that may make things simpler for you and your wife’s employer supports this, please do pop me a DM.

In terms of the statements, totally understand your feedback here and I’ve forwarded it on to our Product Team.