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There are a number of topics on various documentation based features and ideas (which ive linked below). I wanted to consolidate some of these and give some ideas and reasons why I think reporting and documentation is an important feature.

(If anyone has any use cases and ideas please add them in a post)

At the moment the only available exportable documentation is the monthly statements, and while these are nice and better than nothing, they are quite limited in usefulness as they give limited information and aren’t easily manipulated.

So what kind of reporting do I think is needed?

  • annual reports, including tax related information
  • monthly reports (as we have, but perhaps with more detail)
  • exportable account activity (csv of all activity)
  • customisable reports
  • income reports (dividend reporting)

Other idea topics which include some of the above:

Annual Tax Certificate or Annual Report
Download Account Activity
Withdrawal receipt
[Feature Request 🔧] Export as CSV/JSON

Why is it important?

At the moment there isn’t an easy way to get an understanding of your Freetrade accounts performance and activity at all outside of the app, and inside of the app its still somewhat limited in this functionality as well.

For new investors this isn’t helpful at all, and may result in a poor experience, and understandably im sure these areas are being worked on. For other investors the ability to export transaction information allows them to generate more detailed information of their overall investments and finances (I can’t be the only one who tracks their finances to some degree?) and makes Freetrade a more viable platform for those who may be making larger or more frequent trades.

Reporting is also useful and in many cases needed for tax purposes and for job related requirements for many people. For example some people may need to provide -for various reasons- a complete set of documentation of all their finances for particular jobs or other financial related reasons. This isn’t possible on freetrade currently.

Easier breakdowns of portfolios including tax related events (sales, dividends, etc.) would help new and experienced investors have an easier time with any tax related considerations.

A few thoughts then.

I’ve no doubt you’ve looked at the likes of HL or Vanguard and how they do reporting. Vanguard has a very good report generator and ability to make csv exports. This kind of feature I think would be a very welcome addition. If nothing else, csv exports with a time range option would allow us to generate our own reports and I think perhaps would be an excellent feature to implement first in this area.

More detailed monthly, income, and annual reporting generated by Freetrade would give people -especially new investors- a go to Freetrade view of their portfolio without the need to generate their own reporting from csv’s and (imo) would also present a more professional Freetrade brand/view of the platform.

As for what it might look like. I don’t think the activity feed is an appropriate area for reports, not the monthly report, or any others. It doesn’t really fit imo. Reports are an overall account related feature, and perhaps it should go in the account tab or something similar so people can always find it.

I think Starling Bank has a good UI for reports and statements, and it might be nice to see something of a similar layout.

This is one of those Wishlist features for me that I kind of need to consider throwing all my money in the platform for the next many decades (not that I have a huge amount of it).

So :crossed_fingers:

As mentioned on one of the other threads. Most professionals in financial services or in audit have strict disclosures about when they bought and sold to comply with minimum holding periods. Effectively a monthly transcript showing all the buys and holds would suffice. Taking screenshots of the activity feed is tedious and getting really messy with all the dividends popping up.


One more reporting feature request to add to the group, similar to download account activity

:arrow_forward: [Feature Request 🔧] Export as CSV/JSON


I would also like my monthly statement emailed to me. As it is I have to download it to my phone which is a bit of a pain to then email it to myself. Would also be helpful if the statement included dividends received.


We definitely need something like this. Trying to provide evidence of buys/sells to solicitors is a nightmare at the moment with Freetrade.


I keep my portfolio here small because of the lack of reporting, and I don’t buy any dividend-paying stocks here because I fear not being able to report taxable dividends accurately.


Totally agree. I’ve had to move 3/4 of my portfolio elsewhere because in this respect Freetrade is very poor.

In fact I’d go as far to say they are naïve if they think this sort of documentation is unnecessary or just a bolt-on which can be added years down the road.

Hi guys! We hear you loud and clear - please take a look at this topic and get involved :slight_smile:


What do I want to see… you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna link my topic in there


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