Download Account Activity

Is it possible to download my account activity

yes, you can download your monthly activity in pdf format.

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I was looking for a menu item but I see it appears on the timeline within the Activity tab at the end of each month.

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That is a monthly statement showing your current holdings at that time, it’s not s report of your monthly activity as it does not show purchases, sales, top ups, withdrawals or dividends ,


You are right… a complete report would be so much better.

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Any easy way to download account data? I am making a spreadsheet of all my investments/transactions from various brokers. It would be nice if I could download a .csv file. Not sure if other brokers do this, Freetrade is the first one I’m looking at.

This is another must have for me. I could really do with a way to download a csv of my account activity. Right now the data is completely locked up inside of the app and that’s not useful for larger account holdings.
(And no, PDFs don’t count imo. It’s a nice summary but it’s insufficient when you need your transactions.)

I’d add that in addition to download csvs of activity, the ability to generate a report of all activity and account information over specific time periods would be really beneficial.

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