Monthly statements are now in the app 🧾

After a small false start, you can now view your monthly statements in the app, in the Activity feed :tada:

They’re not the most glamorous feature in the app but they’re pretty important.

Here’s mine, including my questionable investment choices :grin:


Every time I click on my January statement it asks if I want to share it?

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Yes you’ll need to copy the link into your browser in order to open it at the moment - we’ll improve that soon :raised_hands:

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It’s a good start :+1:t3: Next it would be beneficial to see the percentage gain per holding and overall portfolio. Also, if the holdings were sorted by size or grouped by ETF’s and individual stocks (or similar) that would give a good insight.


Thanks! :pray: I have a feeling that we’ll keep those sorts of insights in the app, unless there’s a particular reason why they’d be more useful in a statement instead?


I was thinking it might be easier to do that on the pdf statement to be honest! But yeah those would be much better if they were in the app :+1:t3:


Nice work :+1: it will be good to look back over the years at these

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Would it be possible to see any dividend payouts in the monthly statement as currently I can’t find anywhere in the app to find this out?


A couple of comments/questions on the statements:

  • They’re US Letter. Can you change that so they are generated in A4?
  • Is there any way to locate the statements for previous months? The Activity feed only shows the last month’s activity, including generated PDF statements.

My activity feed shows all my activity going back to when I created my account. I’m on Android, FWIW.

Ah. I might be misremembering how long ago I opened my account!

Anyway, my main issue is the statements being in US Letter. The entire rest of the world outside North America uses ISO paper sizes, so can Freetrade please too? :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad to see I’m not the only person who fell for buying Aston Martin :joy:

Monthly statements are looking great, but I have a standing order every month paid into my Freetrade account that never shows up on my activity feed? Anyone else finding this?

It doesn’t show as top up?

Nope, if I do a transfer it shows as a top up but my standing order never does.

Strange because all they’ll see is a normal bank transfer. You have got your reference on it? Ask in app because it should show


Would it be possible to

  • add xlsx/csv format statements?
  • include as much info as possible for CGT purposes?

See eg.

HMRC self assessment helpsheet HS284

and especially

I’m not asking you to calculate CGT on behalf of the owner, but to provide enough info to allow the owner to make use of the information you (do or could) hold which is relevant. Depending on investment habits, “same company” shares sold within 30 days of purchase (the “bed and breakfasting rule”) may be extremely difficult to keep track of at the level required if this is not done automatically.



This is rather an unfair request, I do not think any broker (unless it is some financial/tax adviser) deals with matching rules.

For example, if you bought X on 1 March, sold X on 5 March and bought again on 25 March all via Freetrade and nowhere else, it would be a clear picture to you. Freetrade, however, does not know that. What if you also purchased X with Vanguard on 12 March? Then you would have to match against that acquisition first and if Freetrade did it for you, they essentially would give you false information.

This is why you generally do not see brokers accounting for the annual exemption and specific rules such as matching.

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My monthly statement does not show all of the stocks I am invested in, all of which were brought prior to the PDF being generated.

A stock is not listed on the PDF anywhere, even though it was purchased on the 14th, while a different stock I brought on the 28th is on the statement.

Does anyone know why this might be?

My monthly statement in not in any particular order in terms of holding names (not a to z) or holding values (not £££ to £). It all seems quite random, what determines the order of the holdings on these statements?

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