[Feature Request 🔧] Emailed Monthly Statement

Hi all, I’m new to the forum but been using the app for a couple years now.

I’m not sure if its something I’ve missed or not, but is it at all possible to get your monthly statement in an automatic email at all? Like I already receive an email for individual dividend payments so I don’t see why it also couldn’t be done for the statements too?

If this doesn’t exist yet it could be a good idea to make them easier to find in the app itself or another email for the monthly statements could be good too?

My monthly statement is in my activity feed, isn’t yours?

Edit: i see you want it in an email specifically, isn’t it the same finger work opening the app and going to activity?

I feel the emails are another subtle form of notification of activity on your account… a notification specifically at you, as opposed to the sometimes marketing material the app advertises.

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Sorry, to clarify yes I do have them in activity section of the app but I was looking back through old ones trying to save the files (as they auto download on my phone) so I could use them to input the data for a spreadsheet.

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I just email them to myself from the app so I have on my computers. :+1: Unless of course you are asking to get emailed to avoid doing this bit but it takes seconds.

Yeah, there is the “Monthly Statement” in the activity feed. That isn’t useful other than providing a snapshot.

I think many of us would be looking forward to a transaction statement in any format either through the activity feed / email.

If you make more than 5 transactions in a share, then the oldest one disappears and you will have to scroll through your activity feed to find them. Moreover, there is no filter/sort facility in the Activity Feed making things even more difficult.

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