Statements not working in app?

Has anyone else noticed or have this issue in that they cant download their monthly statements in the Activity tab?

I got my January one through but it wont let me open it or even forward it on using the Share feature/icon.

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Hi James,

You may need to go into your browser’s Downloads folder, and delete any old statements in order to be able to download a newer statement. It should look like the screenshot below.

If this doesn’t do the trick, please send us an in-app chat or e-mail us at!

Hi Thanks for getting back!

I have cleared the downloads and it still just hangs when I select it. As mentioned I cant download it and I also cant even forward it on to an email address.

I did message in the app-chat but no one has got back yet (understandable given the current issues from last Fri)

I’ve just tried, when I click on the share icon to the right of my January Statement (in Activity tab), it just shows a busy circle briefly and then returns. I don’t get the option to do anything with anything. In fact, this happens with any of my statements (although I’ve only gone back as far as November).

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Yh, I notice that as well today - Any updates on this?

Hi there :wave:

I’m new to the forum but I joined today to say that I’m experiencing the same issue

Update - The statements appear to be working again as per the last update that came through on the app last week.

Thanks to the team for patching this! :slightly_smiling_face: