January statement not downloading

Anyone else having issues with their January statement? Mine just refuses to open/download in both my GIA and in my ISA, not exactly sure what the issue is usually they just instantly download when I click on them.

Mine hasn’t appeared in the activity feed yet

Maybe their systems are overwhelmed or something, mine usually appears soon after midnight of the 1st every month. Only just appeared now today.

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Appears in the Activity Tab but will not download

@MeghanB26 Hi Meghan is there any news on this? I know it’s not a major issue but seems everyone is having it and I need to update my spreadsheet for Jan and need the statement to do it. Sorry I know you’re busy with bigger issues wondering if there’s any news on this :grinning:

Same here I can’t seem to be able to download any of the statements since I opened my account. They’re shown in the activity feed, they buffer for a bit but nothing downloads.

Interesting as it’s working for me.

I just checked both Jan and Dec statements.

I’m on the latest version of iOS and Freetrade if it helps someone at FT looking into this issue.

Does it allow you to open the pdf in a browser or is they not working as well? If yes, then you could open in a browser and save it.


got the same issue here with the android app.

Hi, yes I am having the same issue and so are other people I know who use Freetrade? I have sent a few messages but so far no one from Freetrade has got back to me?

Checking this out now

Mine are working now

Fix went out earlier, sorry for the inconvenience

I can’t download the January one either