March Statements Missing

I have been waiting on my EOM March statement as I require it for disclosing holdings and it is not showing up in my app where it should normally be (activity tab). I notified FT of this issue over a week ago and on 15th April I received a response stating that FT was aware of the issue and trying to work on a fix. Since then FT customer support has not been able to generate a statement upon request, has offered to generate an activity statement for March but has failed to deliver it to me, and has been unable to even offer an ETA for the fix. It is currently April 22nd and I have no statement, and no idea of when the statement will be available.

I appreciate that FT is a small growing company but this is totally amateurish. Providing statements to clients should not be optional for a brokerage, and any half decent brokerage can offer monthly holdings statements and ad-hoc reports as a matter of course.

Has anybody else had any better luck than I have with regards to obtaining a statement from FT for March, or finding out when they are expected to be available? I have asked my CS rep 3 times and have had no answer

Mine works. I find it gets confused as they save with the same name so I have to rename them before downloading the next one.

For me it’s not even a case of it downloading incorrectly, it doesn’t even show up in the app!

Same problem here. Have the statement for SIPP but not GIA.
Same response from support. Not looking likely to happen.

I just realised same for myself but since I have switched to the isa am not really bothered