Several Issues, incorrect statements, triggers not actioned, no response for 7 day on requests

I’ve not had a correct statement since I joined in November. Each one has no trades listed on it. Jan statement opens the Nov statement and so forth. Feb opens Jan but again blank. Asked to change bank 7 days ago, no reply. 2 triggers not actioned which I eventually did myself on another day during a dip. Plus all the shenanigans with AMC not being allowed to purchase to average down has lost me money. Accounting and customer service is not fit for purpose. Charts don’t tally. Prices incorrect on agreeing them right before purchase. Somtimes they come back the same price somtimes wildly different when the market live prices haven’t changed. I have two accounts gia and isa. You can cancel my request for a sipp just don’t trust you. Whe you write anything they don’t like on the forum they just block you. So where do I go next to get this sorted?? Fca?

You do not agree prices before trades, freetrade doesn’t offer quotes at the moment.

Not my question

I can’t really comment on much else as you don’t provide any details but that particular complaint isn’t a service freetrade provides.

I believe you cannot involve the FCA until you have exhausted FT’s own complaints process.

You clearly believe FT is at fault for everything here, so I won’t engage with any of the other points.

  • Statements: This is a holdings statement showing your position at the end of the previous month. Transactional statements are being worked on.
  • Changing Bank: Customer Support have a huge backlog of queries that they need to get through due to record sign ups during the meme stock craze. Hopefully they reply to you in-app soon
  • AMC Shenanigans: Out of Freetrade’s control. They were fully transparent during this.
  • Charts: They’re generally Ok but prices are not real time.
  • Prices: They’re indicative prices. You are given the best price at the time of purchase. Use a Limit order if you want a price that you’re happy to pay or sell at. Volatile stocks will have wider spreads and bigger price swings
  • Blocked: There are community guidelines & rules for this forum. If anyone breaks these they are quite rightly removed. If you have a complaint then by all means offer constructive feedback on this forum.

Hopefully support can facilitate your change in bank ASAP. All the best

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