Missing May statement

Anybody else missing their May statement? My statement usually shows up in my activity feed on the 1st of every month, but I can’t seem to see the one for May, there’s nothing from the 1st of June - the last thing in my activity feed is on the 28th of May.

I’ll raise it with the in-app chat tomorrow, but just wondering if this has happened to anybody else or if I’m missing something blindingly obvious?

Mine came today FYI…

I’ve just checked and mine is there for June.

I updated the app with today’s update and my statement was then available.

Mine just became available :thinking:

Would love to know if there’s a reason for not being on the first as it used to be though!

We’d usually send the statements on the 1st but we ran into some technical difficulties which delayed sending the statements this month.

We’ll send the statements as quickly as possible but we don’t aim to guarantee that the statements will always be sent on the 1st as this is a little bit less time sensitive than some of the processes that you expect us to complete.

If there is a delay and you need a summary of your statement sooner then just drop us a message in the app and we’ll provide one for you.

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Are there any plans to improve the statement to also show transactions for the month rather than just positions? It would certainly make paperwork easier if we had a good record of how much stock we purchased when, and at what price.

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