Functionality Request - Activity Download or Export

I think it’s now well overdue for us to be able to download this sort of data. It’s what I really need to be able to carry out my returns, my tracking, etc. Almost every other platform does this, but Freetrade is still missing this. Any plans on adding it in the near future? The statements are too “top level” and only show holdings, which is not really adequate anymore. It’s been a few years, surely it’s not beyond Freetrade to be able to export the data in a useful format, especially as banking seems to opening up platforms. If nothing else, it would save me having to enter my transactions in a third party tracker (which provides more data than Freetrade).

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You can request a rather ugly export through customer service. I’ve been waiting a very long time for this function and it’s really important to those investors which need to report their transactions or who exceed the CGT or Dividend allowances.


Very overdue now (suspect this isnt as easy as we think or they would have done it and having seen the ugly export available through the service desk makes one wonder what state the underlying data is in and whether they’changed format as theyve evolved so it isnt in a consistent state so needs a degree of stadardisation before they can do this and then expose that standardised back end data in a secure non-web exposed system to the front end web-exposed servers - all securely).

I agreed with all the posts above. I would have thought this is the most basic function that an investing platform should provide. I only see freetrade as a no frills platform that benefits me with low transaction cost but I’d never move everything from Hargreaves simply because it doesn’t provide basic functions such as transaction report.

It’s all well and good pursuing shiny things like crypto but you’ll be surprised how much you can increase your AUM just by getting basics right.