[Feature Request 🔧] Export as CSV/JSON

Mainly exporting Buys / Sells

An export of transactional data would be great:

  • buys (price per share, quantity, ticker, full company name)
  • sells (as above)
  • dividends paid
  • currency conversion rate
  • +0.45%
  • stamp duty paid
  • other interesting bits of data :slight_smile:

Thanks, did you have anything in particular in mind that you’d like to use that data for?

Hmmmm… well, I work in data so I really just like having ALL the data…

Some ideas:

  1. A number of people are building spreadsheets for themselves (which is great), so a standard format ‘data sheet’ would be handy
  2. Analyse whether there are particular times that I trade are deemed to be statistically good. e.g. the result might be I should never buy on a Monday morning as historically prices tend to descend until later in the day (you can tell I’m making this up… timing the market… yeah right).
  3. I might be able to work out if it’s actually better for my investing style to use instant trades rather than waiting for the 4pm bulk buy. (I’d need to add data to the list for this… price at time of purchase submission (basic), and some indicator for instant vs basic trade).
  4. Calculate that a share I own, although the price is on a general downward trend, the dividend is still covering my average position
  5. Create a p5.js time-based visualisation of a pot of money, growing (or shrinking) with where that money is going in terms of stamp duty out, dividends in etc. (see The Coding Train (youTube))
  6. Chartsengrafs (see Grandaddy)

Apologies for bumping an old thread but I just contacted freetrade to try to get hold of my transaction data and even though they were helpful and quick to respond I was told generating these data takes 3-5 days :sleeping:.

This is something I’d like to do regularly (e.g. every month) and it’s very inefficient to have to contact freetrade for this and wait. I really hope we get a simple export button to give us quick access to these data in the near future :pray:.


Number 5 is awesome would love to see this

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Agree, would save so much time of manual handling everything!

Something that syncs to Google Sheets like Monzo’s Plus feature would be decent as well.

Although they also let you manually export search results on the free plan

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I think a basic export of data as .csv/.json should be a basic feature of freetrade (essentially all the info in the buy/sell contract notes). I’m not opposed to fancier stuff as discussed above being part of freetrade plus, but at least the basic export should be available for all freetrade users.


I track my portfolio (and shocking number of other aspects of my life) in google sheets so this would be handy.

An API would be ideal for me, but I think for a lot of users a csv extract would be easier to consume.

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For tax purposes. If accountant requests it, we should be able to provide this by means of CSV.


I’m using yahoo finance (My portfolio) .
Manually added all my holdings and have created customized view with daily updates.
A. Good thing about yahoo finance is it start update you with the latest news of the stocks you hold on your portfolio.
B. My favorite is yahoo price alerts - I just set the target price for the stock i wish to buy.
C. It gives the near accurate data of the price and you can freeze it on the web tab.
D. I can export the holdings in csv format.

I’m expecting something like this from Freetrade. Hope they might add it in their pipeline.

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I find yahoo good for tracking your current holdings, but struggles with sales and dividends to view historic portfolio performance

Another vote for this - surely this is relatively basic functionality being requested and outstanding since 2018 - a common theme on the forum is the ability to track our portfolios externally, and with the API not being a front runner, the ability to export would be a decent alternative.

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I agree - Freetrade is the first platform I ever used to be missing this functionality. As others said - API would be awesome but simple list of transaction in CSV would be perfectly sufficient.


If you ask in app for an export/statement of all historic transactions, you’ll receive an email with a pdf containing huge table, BUT the table is unselectable?!

No reply from support on whether this table can be provided in a selectable/useable format :frowning:

I recall being able to select all and copy the content. Then I just cleaned it up and moved it to a spreadsheet.

Ideally it would be in a more malleable format than a PDF. Don’t really get why it’s a PDF either, it’s not that strenuous to generate a CSV.

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Try to open the .pdf with Google Docs.


See if it works.

Hope this helps

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I received a CSV from support chat. Not great but it’ll do. Ask support again.


Hey guys - reviving this topic because I think you guys might be interested in this new thread :wink: