How do I get a tax report for the previous financial year?

I notice it was mentioned previously but couldn’t find if it’d been resolved or not.


You send them an in-app request and they will email the docs to you (make sure you make clear what format you want, eg pdf, csv file etc.)

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Great. Thanks.

Nobody likes the faff around reporting capital gains/losses. I don’t think freetrade should try and implement there own tax calculations.
Instead it would be fantastic if ft could allow users to link too third party accounting software to automate tax reporting.

I have not done much research but a potential could be which has an API?

If you could add an API key to a ft account and everytime a trade is executed it is reported to sharesight it would be seamless!

Even just an end of tax year report would be excellent. Break down on transactions, dividends (plus country of origin and if a REIT), plus any other forms of payout. I don’t believe Freetrade has that issue but good to plan ahead!

Gains/losses would be really good as well.