[Feature Request πŸ”§] Annual Tax Certificate πŸ’°

Other providers of savings accounts and also investment accounts provide an Annual Tax Certificate to make filling out self assessment tax returns easier.

This feature would be really useful if it could break down the Capital Gains/Losses, UK dividends and Forign dividends in to seperate sections produced in a single Annual Report for each account.

It would make doing what can be what is an already stressful process without investments much easier if this feature was added.

Really hoping for this feature for the coming end of the 2019/2020 tax year

100% agree with you on this one


I think now that most Freetrade users are considering the upcoming end of tax year, this is a crucial feature.


This will be especially useful for people with their own business who get paid via dividends. It means the Β£2k dividend allowance is always used and tax has to be worked out for all non-sheltered investments.


I’m currently only using an ISA but I think this is very important and would be very positive. Something very simple and clear.

As a first step towards this maybe we could get the ability to export all operations in the activity feed as a CSV. At least that way we could do our own calculations


Wow, glad I came across this topic. Can’t believe this is not a thing yet.

Just started with freetrade and it feels very alpha to me. Lots of things missing and not working.

Considering not investing more on this platform and switching to one of the alternatives.


This would be a very important feature, possibly essentially for me to stay with this service longterm.


I am not sure why this is not an important feature for FreeTrade. Tax compliance should be very important part of the app.


I’d love to have this available too.


Any idea if this feature is on the way? If not is it a case of manually calculating?

This feature is on the way, Adam and the team confirmed this. Not sure when this will be ready however.

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Where did you hear that? Hopefully true

I think this might have been mentioned on the first AMA but could be asked on the best one.

This needs to be done…I’m spending more on accounting fees than I’m saving using free trades. If freetrade wants to get customers with large accounts, they need to support proper tax reporting.


Another must. As with other report / activity based ideas. These are a must for many people. Freetrade has limited use for me when I need to submit sufficient account records but Freetrade doesn’t support these types of report generation.


Anything yet on this? Surely?

I’ve just had to painstakingly go through the activity page to compile the details I need for the tax return. I am still missing whether tax has been paid / withheld from dividends that also needs to go on the tax return


Indeed after over 80 votes, you would think someone @freetrade would see this is a customer priority


This is the worst aspect of Freetrade and is the reason I am probably going to quit using it. Trying to get the annual figures is the proverbial blood from a stone. I invest on other platforms (Interactive Investor and HL) and Reporting is a matter of course.


Hopefully not. It should be a very basic feature. Tax compliance is not an optional.