Statements for the end of tax year

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Hi fellow traders, where on the App/site do I find a summary of Transactions, Dividends etc as they will be needed for CGT/ Income tax calculations at year end.


Will you (or do you already) produce a simple report for tax purposes, so I can see in one number the total of all dividend payments across all investments in a GIA for the prior tax year?

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Sorry for the slow reply. At the moment, we can give the details that you need for tax purposes if you contact our customer support team, via the live chat.

In the future we’ll provide something that’s more easily accessible though.


Would be great to have something ready for the end of this tax year. I’d be worried that you’ll have a spike of manual requests otherwise!

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Now that the tax year is done this would be very useful to have. Something simple with total realised capital gains and total dividends received would make the tax return simple to complete and can’t be too difficult to produce.

Is this likely to be ready in the next couple of months or should I just ask in app for this year?