Statements for the end of tax year

Hi fellow traders, where on the App/site do I find a summary of Transactions, Dividends etc as they will be needed for CGT/ Income tax calculations at year end.


Will you (or do you already) produce a simple report for tax purposes, so I can see in one number the total of all dividend payments across all investments in a GIA for the prior tax year?


Sorry for the slow reply. At the moment, we can give the details that you need for tax purposes if you contact our customer support team, via the live chat.

In the future we’ll provide something that’s more easily accessible though.


Would be great to have something ready for the end of this tax year. I’d be worried that you’ll have a spike of manual requests otherwise!

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Now that the tax year is done this would be very useful to have. Something simple with total realised capital gains and total dividends received would make the tax return simple to complete and can’t be too difficult to produce.

Is this likely to be ready in the next couple of months or should I just ask in app for this year?


I see this thread has gone quiet for over a year, but still don’t see a way to generate this tax year summary. Is it possible yet?


Not yet. I’d love if you could add your requirements to my thread Documents & Reporting

There’s also a tax specific idea thread as well which I link to [Feature Request 🔧] Annual Tax Certificate 💰

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You really should make this a priority. Every client who is non-ISA has to report dividends and poss CGT annually. It’s really hard trying to get this info out of you each year.


Sadly not. Nightmare. Especially when you have a nagging accountant like mine!

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I want this feature too. However, you only need to report it if it’s above your personal allowance, which is probably not the case for most people using freetrade (yet).


Other apps have this feature and you can just download a tax report. As a self-employed person THIS IS A MUST. Please create a tax report ASAP. thank go I started using free trade recently. but Tax 20/21 will be HELL if there is no report


Take a look here Account Statements & Data Exporting - What formats would you want to see?

Still no sign of this!

I am a new FT user, and I was just wondering the same - won’t FT automatically provide me with an end-of-the-year tax report?

Ultimately, I think it won’t be so relevant to me because of what SebReitz said above: “you only need to report it if it’s above your personal allowance, which is probably not the case for most people using freetrade (yet).”

The personal allowance on capital gains is £12300 currently (Capital Gains Tax: what you pay it on, rates and allowances: Capital Gains Tax allowances - GOV.UK), and on dividends £2000 (Tax on dividends: How dividends are taxed - GOV.UK)

I have asked via chat every year and what is available is not a Consolidated Tax Certificate! When will this feature be available??


I have been asking for this facility since 2019. It is the on my investment platform I have ever used that fails to provide a consolidated tax certificate at year end. I’m stunned by Freetrade’s refusal to address this issue. I’m a founding investor in the company and am extremely disappointed that it won’t provide this simple accounting necessity.


It’s strange as it should be one of the more straight forward pieces of functionality to develop. Freetrade will have a full record of all our sell trades in the tax year and a relatively simple query should be able to return all the details - with maybe a slight complication for partial sales of a holding which had multiple buys - to figure out which priced buy relates to a particular sale.


*only not on my obvs :roll_eyes:

Adding another voice to this request. Unbelievable that simple tax statements aren’t available. Every other platform has this capability. Just using an ISA isn’t a good answer, as you run into the issue once you max it out.


Can’t believe Freetrade is still to implement this. My tax returns would be easy if it wasn’t for the lack of an annual statement on the platform. DeGiro have