Freetrade non-user friendly for Transaction and Annual Data request

I have been a long time user an investor in Freetrade and as a software developer, I must say there is really a big issue with the whole compliance and backoffice support in Freetrade.

As most of the investors already know that we need to inform HMRC about your income, dividend payment and Property Income distribution. This is one of the very simple information which Freetrade should be providing to everyone. Currently, when i ask for these details, I have been provided with 2 different csv with following content.

I have no idea on how:

  • I can get -ve income
  • The transaction does not match the app Activity.
  • Who has given me what income.

As a developer, I can understand they already have an API which populates the Activity Tab in there Application, and its a day or 2 work to just add download the transaction data into csv in the Application then and there. I am not sure how Freetrade can operate in such manner.

I am really disappointed on this whole Compliance and Feature management from a Fintech Company like FreeTrade, which fails to prioritise the such basic feature core to investing needs. Hope, these things get resolved ASAP.


Update 1: Updated Title to reflect true sentiment.
Update 2: Please vote for the feature Annual Tax Certificate or Annual Report here.


Chat in the app again. A log that I was sent looked sane and nothing like what you have posted.

These do look like dumps from database, it feels to me that your report has extra rows selected without a column that describes what is happening i.e. “remove from total pool of interest received, add to your account” or some such.

I agree that it would be very helpful to get an end of FY year report. I had to go through my activity list adding up dividends which was not fun. Just some simple summary would be good.

There is a thread in the ideas section to vote on if you haven’t already: Annual Tax Certificate or Annual Report


I must agree that this is the worse area. I had to prepare this manually as there is no even basic manual.export option for activity section to be get in csv format. That too activity section is not accurate e.g. any right share investment doesn’t come under activity so manually had to go to chat windows where I was advised about right share invest amount and number of shares.
Considering that FT is now 150K users, and soon above £100M (guessing the pre valuation in upcoming round ), it is shame that such a basic functionality is missing…

This was already under discussion for really long time. My main concern is that this feature is not present on roadmap at all.

People like me who have hundreds of transaction in year have to waste hours going through activity tab and manually generating the reports which can be done very easily by Freetrade.

Even if we can get JSON data of activitiy feed, it can be computed very easily as we in community can write script to compute everything.


Just to be clear, I’m agreeing with you. I feel like this would be an easy win, so it’s strange they haven’t at least got it on the road map. I’m not sure they’re putting every little thing on the roadmap, though.

Has anyone created any fancy spreadsheets I can paste the csv transaction files that freetrade provided into and save myself a bit of time chopping it around to see how my portfolio has performed in a bit more detail?

If not I’ll pour another glass of wine and crack on into the early hours no doubt