[On :freetrade:] Frasers Group (FRAS) 👟

My Sports Direct share is up quite a bit. :slight_smile:


Will this man ever stop?


What does Mike Ashley generally do when he buys up these declining brands? Does he have a general strategy for turning them around that he applies?

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Seems like a falling knife strategy to me but the Evening Standard did a good read up at the begining of the year

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Maybe he should concentrate on Sports Direct and Newcastle United FC - making them successful before venturing into new business. The man just can’t keep out of the media.

Funny you say that, one of The Evening Standard’s theories is ‘Theory 6: the ego has landed’

Is it time to buy shares? Devils advocate

I’d say Jack Wills is probably something sports direct are missing from their portfolio. Slightly more upmarket, rather than targeting the lower end of the market with their current offerings. I doubt he would look to integrate it into the sportsdirect shops, just probably use economies of scale to decrease costs.

I’d say it’s a good purchase. He appears to be attempting to turn sportsdirect into a department store, he just kinda messed it up buying house of Fraser. Jack wills has always been popular, just likely stagnated a bit under previous owner with inexperience of further expansion which Ashley has.

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No real answer there, then!

This is probably the most blunt RNS I have seen. Its from Sports Direct related to “Goals Soccer Centres”.


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Interesting interview with Mike Ashley:

It’s from last year, but I haven’t seen him interviewed before and he talks quite candidly.

An unlikely union here - in fashion terms, at least :handbag:

The stock has risen significantly today: