Ongoing charges and transaction cost

Hi i wanted to ask when and how are these charges collected from the ETFs that i have invested?
Would it be after i sell out and would that be collected from the original investment or would it be a separate invoice to pay?

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They’re rolled up into the ETF price, so nothing extra for you to pay.


I see thanks! So the profit that is shown is pure profit when I sell?

Also is that the same with all the charges listed?

you won’t see any deductions from an ETF when you sell, those charges are built into the running of the fund.

just worth a note, the transaction costs listed are indicative, they are an estimate of what the transaction costs were not what they will be. costs vary slightly from year to year and it should get updated year to year of what the costs were.

stamp duty if applicable is paid by you

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No stamp duty on secondary ETF trades ( ie your purchase )

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I see so what does it mean when it shows this?