Open Product Roadmap

Now that ISAs are out of the way, I’m hoping to see Alpha near the top of the list, both to boost revenue and to reward investors.

My roadmap would be something like:

  1. US stocks
  2. Alpha
  3. ISA transfer
  4. Limit orders
  5. Improved search/filters in Discovery and Activity
  6. Show true profit
  7. Portfolio chart design
  8. Add other markets, out of hours trading (just why do stock markets close anyway?)
  9. Some kind of Simple ISA product which picks a global etf and accepts monthly savings
  10. Offer this Simple ISA via monzo and other marketplaces to draw their users into investment who would not think of picking stocks
  11. Offer more details on each stock (basic stats, div history)
  12. Show freetrade holdings in app
  13. Offer freetrade shares for referrals to drive growth
  14. Gifting stocks to drive growth
  15. Expand to Europe
  16. Notifications