OpenMoney Integration With Freetrade

The OpenMoney (previously called evestor) app uses OpenBanking protocols to aggregate information from a variety of bank, savings, investment, mortgage, etc, accounts. Does Freetrade have a development roadmap and timescales that would allow OpenMoney and other account aggregation service type apps to include a Freetrade portfolio?

Hi @greycells371

So far we’ve not seen FT give out their API so any of these ‘dashboard’ style companies.

It was mentioned by the founder of Emma on another thread the at he been asking for ages and not been given access.

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They did acknowledge it in an AMA as a future goal, don’t know if its being worked on but I think it would be phenomenally useful.

Thanks for your comments on this. I contacted OpenMoney about adding FT account linking to their app. OpenMoney advised that Freetrade need to provide an OpenBanking API to enable them to pull in the FT portfolio values. They suggested that I ask FT to add this capability. Is there a topic / thread for this type of product feature request?

It has been requested a few time and over quite a long time. As I mentioned the founder of Emma (a dashboard app) mentioned he’d reached out the former CTO personally and not got anywhere.

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