Options trading on FTplus

Will trading options ever be a possibility on this platform? Even as a Plus feature maybe?


Please no!


I’d like to be able to write covered calls in FT plus, but I doubt they will offer that.


There is a thread already which you should vote on if you want this feature to be looked at by the team:

Broadly, the opinion of the community seems to be that options trading is not in keeping with the underlying goals of Freetrade.

That being said, I think this is something which should seriously be looked at in order to attract serious investors with serious balances.

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Yeah, That is a safe way to generate some income from your holdings, as long as it’s covered. However I doubt they would offer just this on it’s own.

There’s other cool ways to use them like Straddles and Strangles. But you you can’t really do that without allowing potentially more dangerous trades

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