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Hi, I’m extremely new to stocks and shares but am under the impression that the future of cannabis based products is very promising and has seen tremendous growth following a short decline. In short I’d like to recommend the ETF MJ for inclusion on Freetrade along with any other potential cannabinoid futures like OGI anyone else might have in mind.

Hey can we get Organigram. This will explode just been purchased by British american tobaco company. thanks

FYI about the above.


It’s a bit of an old request - but I would like to request OGI - as the #3 producer in Canada with their sights on #2, together with their strategic partnership with BAT I think it deserves a place here on Freetrade.
I have a fairly large holding outside of Freetrade that I cannot move in since you don’t have this stock. Please add!

NASDAQ under the ticker OGI

Hey can we get Organigram. This will explode just been purchased by British american tobaco company. thanks

I’ve seen some previous comments on this, but am very keen to revisit Freetrade adding Organigram Holdings (OGI). While other Canadian LPs are listed, OGI currently isn’t. It’s the third biggest LP in Canada, arguably the best run, and the only one to be predicting profitability in 2023.

Alongside this, Euroclear recently announced that they will no longer support international Cannabis-related stocks. This means that all those who currently hold cannabis stocks will be looking to move broker - and a high percentage of those individuals will have OGI in their portfolios. Given that Freetrade will continue listing a number of other cannabis stocks, it is high time that OGI is added.


Interested to hear if people have thoughts…

Hello @Tom1415, welcome to the forum :wave:

Thanks for the request.

We’ll check this one out and let you know.


Thanks Sam - really appreciate the response. OGI is great company and so very much hoping you’re able to get the ticker added to Freetrade.

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According to articles - a Major grower of pot ready to take advantage of the marijuana boom.

Looking to request Organigram to be added to the platform. Want to move shares over to my account :wink:

If the request were successful I assume that this could not be done in time for what is happening with Euroclear ie by the 27th January?

Hi all

We are adding this stock and hope to have it live on the app in the next day or two.

We’ll update on this thread when it’s live.


Will you notify us? I have this in my HL ISA and need to initiate transfer by the 10th Jan because of the Euroclear issue. It was the only stock holding back me transferring the whole ISA over to FT.

This is great news. Thanks Sam - and hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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Hi everyone,

Organigram Holdings is now live on the app.

Happy investing!


Thanks for the update Emilie - much appreciated.

I requested a transfer as soon as this went live. Today is the final day before the stock is sold automatically in my current ISA and zero comms from the FT transfer team to date. No response to any message I have sent either via the app.