P2P lending regulation


The biggest change here is around investor protections and it is also the most controversial piece. Investors will no longer be able to put more than 10% of their investable assets into peer to peer lending. Some people considered that number too low and somewhat arbitrary as many investors today have far more of their net worth in the peer to peer lending industry.”

Will it just be a tick box declaring you’re investing no more than 10% and that you are a sophisticated investor?

Probably box ticking, how else are they going to know how much investable assets you have.

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So everyone will lie and tick it.

Regulation working well then :grin:

Yes, of course I’m a sophisticated investor :nerd_face:

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Well, as tick boxes go, at least it might give someone pause. They’ll think “hmm, maybe it’s dangerous for me to invest more than 10%?..”. If they want to take the risk and lie, so be it.

But it might save someone and make them think “well what am I supposed to do with the other 90%?”… and then they discover Freetrade :upside_down_face: