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The U.S. Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center’s Cross-Mission Ground & Communications Enterprise (ECX) has awarded a firm-fixed price contract totaling $32.5 million, to Palantir USG Inc on April 30, 2021.


already down to $16 pre-market :upside_down_face:

It’s slightly up in regular hours. Guessing it’s volatile because it’s in the meme stock basket.

I put in a triggered order at $17.50 as I didn’t think it would go lower than that :grimacing: could have got it cheaper. Nice to see it rise a little again

3 Reasons to avoid Palantir.

Sounds like someone who was paid to write a hit piece because they don’t understand the company.


I bought the dip @ 20USD and i’m 500 shares deep.
Today has been a good day for PLTR.


We broke 27 dollars again. Wonder what we’ll close at?

My call: 26.70

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:sob: I’m in green again, I never thought this day would come, I’d like to thank God and the academy. Hopefully not a blip this time.


Right now I strongly believe in the company so I wouldn’t mind a dip again so I can fill my boots once again :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I think it will fall back to the 24-25 USD range again in a short while and I plan to buy it up.
Not sure if I should sell some now though and try to buy the dip with the extra cash, I always sell too early. :sob:

When is the next slump in the market due? :wink:

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I wish I had bought more, PLTR is definitely going back to all time high

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Time for me to top up would be around $22.

Closed @ 24.45. Called it :point_down: :eyes:

No longer forecast to breakeven
The 10 analysts covering Palantir Technologies no longer expect the company to break even during the foreseeable future.

  • The company was expected to make a profit of US$50.3m in 2022.
  • New consensus forecast suggests the company will make a loss of US$102.2m in 2022.
    ~ SimplyWallSt.

Just means we get a discount on the share price for longer :money_mouth_face:

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So they juiced the books by investing in SPAC’s who will in return use their services and they’ll still blow over $100m in losses?

Given the swing from +$50m to -$100m it not unreasonable to assume this is still loss making in 2024 - it’ll be old enough to legally drink in the US and drowns it’s own sorrows.

When the book is written on the post Covid stock market crash there will be a chapter on Palantir - I doubt it’ll make for fun reading.

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