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Guys, Palantir will do IPO eventually, what are your thoughts about this comp? Nice business, working hard, plus among the few private compa with high valution. I am looking forward to have their shares.


Very strong at sales, Ok-ish product and tech. Risks: any gov that invests in own digital team could fairly easily replace them and save a huge pile of money. I wouldn’t invest.

Hi Rod,

Having worked in the sector myself, I can pretty much assure you that a government wont ever replace contractors this readily. It’s far, far more difficult than just “investing in their own digital team”. Some government contracts with private companies span decades.

I think Palantir would be a good choice. The only risk in my opinion is any negative press resulting from their practices (Bloomberg - Are you a robot? for example)

However I doubt this would really impact them, they seem to be out in front in many areas.


Personally wouldn’t touch them. I’ve interviewed with them in the past, and they’re ethically dubious, to say the least. Not a company I feel comfortable supporting.


Hi Alex, OK we’ve both worked in the sector then, but me not in the last 5 years so I’ll bow to your knowledge. I think Palantir has significant risks and as @zain and you (that link is good thanks) said there are ethical questions. I wouldn’t buy their stock.

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Will their shares be made available on Freetrade?

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Palantir Technologies, a Silicon Valley data start-up, said on Monday that it had filed to go public setting up one of the largest public listings of a technology start-up since Uber made its debut last year.

Appalling I think is


Of course, as soon as the company is public.

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Thank you Viktor :pray: been very happy with the IPO inclusions so far :clap: Unity, Snowflake, Lemonade, etc. Keep them coming!

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We’ll add $PLTR to your app tomorrow as soon as we can.


Hi Sam, is palantir already available on ft?:flushed::thinking:

We loaded it onto the app so it’s ready to go live.

With IPOs, we have to wait for the stock to be made available on the secondary market, just like any stockbroker.

This can sometimes take a few hours, hopefully less.


Great, thanks for the update! :fire:

I’ll give this one a shot I think.

Anyone know what time it is going live??

Allegedly noon eastern time I’ve read. I am new to ipo world so we’ll see

Thanks so fingers crossed not long

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@Freetrade_Team just to understand inner workings of :freetrade: app; asana ipo is on for the past half an hour, it is on the app but latest price does not show while trying to buy the stock. I am assuming same will happen to the palantir stock. I know nowadays customers want things to happen yesterday, I am curious do you guys turn on the trading ability in the app manually?