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Time for me to top up would be around $22.

Closed @ 24.45. Called it :point_down: :eyes:

No longer forecast to breakeven
The 10 analysts covering Palantir Technologies no longer expect the company to break even during the foreseeable future.

  • The company was expected to make a profit of US$50.3m in 2022.
  • New consensus forecast suggests the company will make a loss of US$102.2m in 2022.
    ~ SimplyWallSt.

Just means we get a discount on the share price for longer :money_mouth_face:

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So they juiced the books by investing in SPAC’s who will in return use their services and they’ll still blow over $100m in losses?

Given the swing from +$50m to -$100m it not unreasonable to assume this is still loss making in 2024 - it’ll be old enough to legally drink in the US and drowns it’s own sorrows.

When the book is written on the post Covid stock market crash there will be a chapter on Palantir - I doubt it’ll make for fun reading.

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Analysts seem to change their mind like the weather. Visionary or trying to talk the price down?

A more positive article on Palantir via SimplyWallSt:


I own both so that’s either super-good or super-bad.
Super-interesting either way :slightly_smiling_face: