Patience and Investing

Interesting read, which mentions the 2018 market correction and staying invested for the longterm:


Everyone wants a quick fix but slow and steady wins the race! Remember its a marathon not a sprint.:running_man:‍♂


I’ve read that article too, a must-read for everyone.

Patience is the key in the world of investments.

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I would say the absolute key in investing is temperament, that means you don’t get fearful when stock prices are collapsing and you don’t get greedy when stock prices are rising.

Personally I like to use a mix. 80% of my investment is long term, don’t touch and just watch.

20% is my own personal flair, companies I personally want to see succeed, or firms that I believe in. This cash for me is more liquid.

It gives me a nice bit of play where I know I can take smaller punts or look to take advantage of an emerging opportunity with my “play allowance”

Within the play allowance I don’t put more than 33% into any firm, so always minimum of three firms in the play section.

For me it’s a nice balance between being very engaged and passionate about my investments while taking an overall longer term view.