Peloton Interactive - PTON

Peloton to price between $26 and $29 a share.

P.S. Isn’t investing in anything better than in We Co.?

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Barriers to entry are incredibly low, since basically anything that can raise customers’ pulses is a potential substitute.


Might be an unpopular opinion - from Reuters BreakingViews:

The result has been a surge in sales of gear and more encouragingly, in subscription revenue – which is easier in theory for investors to predict. Both more than doubled in the year ending June 30, resulting in revenue of $915 million. Yet operational losses rose fourfold over the same period, to $202 million.

Justifying an $8 billion valuation is a strenuous feat. Peloton would have to continue to remain popular for years, selling more equipment while retaining customer loyalty. The history of fitness-related companies shows how difficult that is – Fitbit, Nautilus and Under Armour have all performed poorly as listed companies. Barriers to entry are incredibly low, since basically anything that can raise customers’ pulses is a potential substitute. Meanwhile, Peloton just shifted its subscription model from annual to monthly, which may have attracted new users, but also makes it easier for them to drop off.


It’s done. $PTON is a listed :bike: and :running_woman: company.

At-home fitness company Peloton Interactive, Inc. on Wednesday priced its IPO at $29 a share, the top of its original range between $26 and $29.

The offering raises $1.16 billion and values the digital fitness company at $8.1 billion. Peloton sold 40 million Class A shares, in line with original projections.

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For what it’s worth, Forbes are bearish on Peloton.

Almost enough to get me into cfd’s.

Lets try to discover price,

Vote for closing price on listing day,

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The CEO was on TV just now: they are spending loads on content, two studios in the US and the UK. They claim to be a software/tech company. They are in “investment” mode.

Will Peloton change the way people think about the workout?

Is the valuation a bit too much?

Will it get commoditised?

$PTON is down around 11% today since the IPO.

I think we were pretty close with that Poll. ~23 average and it closed at ~25 ish

Collectively we are a genius :smiley:

The reason I wouldn’t touch it is that it’s so easy for fitness fads to fade and disappear, will people still be buying Peloton bikes in 10 years or will some new fad have come along? too risky for me

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I’ll keep away from this one.

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Mission: “On the most basic level, Peloton sells happiness.”
Nope, similar to Chuck Norris, Christie Brinkley, and Tony Little, you sell exercise equipment.
Bullsh*t Rating: 9/10
Stock return 1 day post-IPO: –11%

The ugly process of repricing risk has begun. The market’s reaction to Uber and Lyft was the Monday morning sunrise…

Source - The Prof Galloway


Done! Good shout.

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A fitness hardware company.

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I’m guilty of buying these on IPO day, I should be able to exit at BE hopefully :crossed_fingers:. Sold some calls to reduce my avg price.

Why are they shooting up today?

producing a cheaper Peloton

image Bloomberg - Are you a robot?


It’s so silly, I saw that George soros fund also bought shares in Peloton.

Their Christmas advert

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Backlash to their Christmas advert:

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