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Since we’re on a roll adding SPACs lately (:clap:) thought I’d suggest the biggest one of them all, Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Tontine Holdings Ltd. Not sure if it is already possible to add this to :freetrade: (perhaps someone in the :freetrade: team can advise?) but in any case I thought I’d register my interest :wink:

I think depending on the platform this can be found under multiple tickers: PSTHU, PSTH/U, PSTH.U…

Cheers :beer:

This would be a great addition. LSE listed so I doubt it would be a problem.

If this terrible bloke ‘Bill Ackman’ is making money, I want to be at least benefitting from it in some way :joy:.
Shorted the market in late February, appeared on CNBC a number of times inflating panic in the market and made a killing off it. Turned around the other day and blamed CNBC for scaring the public

Whilst Pershing Square Holdings is listed on the LSE this blank cheque vehicle is only listed in the US.

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Will pershing square holdings shareholders end up with a share holding in the spac? It is reported that pershing square capital management will be putting in 1 to 3 billion?

Pershing square holdings discount to nav is always large (approx 30%). Wonder why. The reported holdings are look good, eg. Lowes (presumably benefiting from DIY boom in USA, like Kingfisher in Europe.

Any thoughts?

The team is on it. :+1:


@Viktor I want to say the team have done an amazing job! The platform is more responsive since the 1st funding this year. You’re adding tons of new listings. Please send my congrats to the team. Keep up the hard work!


It would be a big achievement for FREETRADE to get this listed first. (Trading212 don’t have it)

Pershing Square Tontine (4billion + 3billion (bill ackman personal money :moneybag:)
From what I know of Bill Ackman,; he’s in it for himself, he will make sure the token economics benefits him. So he personally owns 40% of this company.

If you want to get in on the ground floor. Then you have to buy in at $20. He also said bankers won’t be filling their pockets with stock.

Potential targets, Airbnb.
If Bill Ackmans after a Airbnb. I’m guessing his objectives are aligned with shareholders who get in at grown floor.

Iv seen this already trading at $25.

Wonder if we need the non unitised (warrant split)ones to be listed (sep11-14 possibly) seems to be a recurring issue after researching, can see the listing is pending on bloomberg after searching PSTH:US and I recall the warrants may be able to be split. Would definitely love to be part of the ackman unicorn mating dance so would be great if this could be added to the platform whenever possible :laughing:

Hi @Viktor, you recently mentioned on the Stocks Megathread that Pershing Square Tontine Holdings (PSTH) was lined up… Is there a rough ball park date by which you are aiming to have it on FT?


Looks line Airbnb is off the table for now…

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I own quite a lot of US listed SPACs, however this one I’m not racing into. AirBnB maybe, but that doesn’t look likely.

My hunch was right, hopefully we can get this on the 11th :grin:

That’s the plan.

Magnifique, thanks Viktor :ok_hand:t2:

There is already a thread for this:

Going live on your app any minute now.

You heard it here first :wink:


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It has emerged

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That’s the wrong one though, just so you dont buy it.
The right one is on as well as PSTH.

This one my friend