2020 IPO tracker โ€” when will Airbnb, Snowflake, Palantir, DoorDash go public?

When is AirBnB expected to IPO? Do i need to start moving money around or do i have a few months yet?

We donโ€™t know for sure yet, but itโ€™s rumoured to be very soon โ€” so days/weeks rather than months, probably.

Weโ€™ll update on this thread as soon as we know more.

Crap, took some money out of my account to fund something else but now i am thinking i might have to put it right back!

Cheers for the heads up.

Hi Sam, could you confirm if this will be available in the ISA? Assuming yes but wanted to check :+1: thanks!

Yes, the only stocks which cannot typically be held in an ISA are ADRs:

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Update on some upcoming IPO dates, these may change:

We plan to get these on your ASAP upon their IPOs!


Hi @Freetrade_Team - just to say these frequent updates/edits to the IPO dates are very handy. Keep them coming :clap:.


Great to hear theyโ€™re useful, weโ€™ll keep updating when we have any info!

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The opinions are pollarised on this one. But it can be solved by adding โ€˜storiesโ€™ in the app.

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Yes good point I would agree having this on the app would be great. But in the meantime it is good to have this here while the app functionality is being developed.

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Hi, yes, weโ€™d love to add this to the app, that would be the ideal, I agree.

We are starting by exploring how we can get more content on the app, generally.

For now, weโ€™re creating an even better IPO Calendar to help track these.

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Any update on Unity on Friday?

Planning to get it live on Friday

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Not sure if thisโ€™ll be this year but it looks like Brewdog is actually discussing filing.

BrewDogโ€™s co-founder James Watt told i that he was in discussions with potential bankers for an initial public offering, making the current campaign the last time it will use the EFP model. He said the listing would ideally take place on the London Stock Exchange, though no decisions had yet been made.

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How is sumo coming along?

Working on it. Not on the secondary market quite yet.

In other news, JFrog is now live :frog:

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Hoping to get in for Goodrx (GDRX) too if possible Sam. Itโ€™s IPO is on 23rd I believe.

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Excited for Unity today

New IPOs on your app from Friday:

  • Unity
  • Pactiv Evergreen

And this morning:

  • The Hut Group

On it