Pershing Square Tontine Holdings (PSTH) - Share Chat

Thanks for the link. I got a question - would the warrants attached to the stock be applied on pro-rata basis OR would it make sense to have stocks in multiple of 9 to get the best value of warrants?

What are your views?

That I don’t know. I’ve been buying multiples of 9 just in case.


There is a news that PSTH filed for another SPAC so this could be a sign that deal is around the corner… :crossed_fingers:


Can you send me a link to where you read this??

I saw it on someone’s Twitter feed - will dig it out and send

“PSCM and its affiliates (including our Sponsor and the Forward Purchasers) will not sponsor or form other public blank check companies similar to ours, or sponsor or form any private equity fund targeting private company acquisitions, during the period in which we are seeking our initial business combination. PSCM and its affiliates may form and manage other investment vehicles investing in public companies at any time prior to the announcement of our initial business combination, including, but not limited to, investment vehicles that may invest side-by-side with our company.”


Looks like PSTH is near DA


You beat me to it Jonny, was just about to post this exact link. Cheers :+1:

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Great work all, looks like DA should be soon unless BA is doing a chamath that is :joy:


Bill does like AH weds, just saying… :eyes:

Timing seems right:

Edit: oh, I missed this posted above.


Apparently at 9:59 this morning 250,000 shares ($7.25 million) were purchased? And it’s Wednesday, statistically the most popular day an announcement would happen


Imagine PSTH Stripe and PSTH II Plaid then a mother of mergers between Stripe and Plaid (Hypothetical scenario). Hopefully we get a DA soon.

That’s the Ackman dream!

Big discount at the mo. I’m guessing this is the gme effect?

I think it’s the rise in the US Treasury yield causing a mass sell off


Apparently the spike was down to this tweet


It’s since been deleted but the screenshot is doing the rounds on Reddit. Make of this what you may…


Nice one. Topped up, just in case

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Me too, gotta admit I have enjoyed the waiting and speculation, it makes boring lockdown more interesting. I think we are in the end game now especially with the PSTH II filing in Delaware. Thanks all for the updates, saves me scrolling on reddit.