Philip Morris International (PM) - Share Chat

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5.3% Dividend Yield
NI up 173% YoY

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The latest PM dividend was due to be paid on July 10th but I haven’t received anything yet - do US dividends usually take this long to be paid?

Have you held your position before the ex div date?

Yes. I haven’t had this issue on any other US stocks

Maybe worth a chat with devs. I don’t think I’ve had this kind of delay myself.

Think it’s usually meant to be 5 business days latest for US stocks. I’ve sent a message anyway on the app so hopefully it’ll be resolved soon

Update - this has now been paid :slight_smile:

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Nice, one less worry :slight_smile:

Please add Philip Morris International common stock (PM) on NYSE.


Philip Morris is getting added with the rest of the 250 stocks after fractional shares are rolled out. I’ve been looking to add PM to my portfolio for a while now!


Hi I am kulah I am new to this investment and tell me more about Philip Morrison I just started on the 19 this month so I choose Steven Morrissey one of my company to badger stock is it a good idea and I am singing from you saying that they are one of the greatest company can you please give me more idea as well thank you very much in Good Luck.

Philip Morris I can tell that yeah this is a very good company